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Home / Photography / Top skills every photographer should have, Latest Sale Week 06082018

Top skills every photographer should have, Latest Sale Week 06082018

This week Latest Sale reports for the Photography Business Directory and uncovers the top skills every photographer should have.


Photography perfection and the creative eye

Photographers need to have a creative eye and an understanding as to how to capture the perfect image. Defining the perfect image can display many guises. Perfection relates more towards capturing a moment through clear communication and storytelling as opposed to the perfection of the photographic technique.

The perfect moment in relation to wedding photography for example can represent the expression on the bride’s face as she throws her bouquet to the crowd from the floral balcony, or the bride’s first steps as she enters the church on her wedding day. The moment and essence of the event can extend to bridal gown imagery, bridal accessories including bridal jewellery and the colour palette of the whole bridal party in relation to the d├ęcor of heavenly surroundings captured through photography.


Understanding your audience and the photographic eco systems

Capturing the perfect photograph is facilitated when photographers understand their audience and their needs. Objective planning is crucial and in the case of fashion photography for example, photographers should work to a highly defined, tight brief. This photographic brief can also include styling suggestions with the photographer’s skills extending to developing good relations with stylists, hairdressers and make- up artists also essential. This photographic ecosystem works hand in hand with a commercial photographer who will know that the point of his work is to sell; to sell a dream (bridal photography), to sell an aura of passion (perfume or fashion photography) or to sell primary technical features (product photography),


Explore camera settings

It may seem like the most obvious tip but photographers who read their user manual will benefit from all features available. The will need to explore all camera settings and dive into the essence of the camera’s full product functionality so that key advantages of their purchase including editing, retouching and digital capabilities are fully explored.

Photographers may also improve their skills by using accessories that may be useful such as tripods that offer photographers the stability required to create fantastic, well accentuated photographs without potential blurring