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Photography Shoots, Commercial pack shots Latest Sale Week 16042018

This week Latest Sale covers photography for the Business Directory with a focus on photography shoots, commercial pack shots. For budding photographers exploring which commercial projects to embrace, they may find that pack shot photography is highly lucrative. Pack shot photography work is fairly regular especially if the Photographer chooses a specific industry.


Building a portfolio of on pack photography

For fast moving consumer goods (FMCG products), such as snacks, regular new product updates or on pack sales promotions, these can provide photographers with a steady stream of work. Photographers can also build a portfolio of work through this pack shot industry and also show potential customers how their portfolio changes according to seasonality trends. During certain periods of the year, packaging will have specific messages or a unique tone of voice that is communicated via its packaging. Seasonality trends with fast moving consumer goods will certainly affect the sales focus, packaging design and messaging that all need to be captured through good pack shot photography.


Adapting to product styles through photography

Commercial pack shot projects may include those from technology brands whose Marketing team often wish to showcase products in isolation of the pack shot. With regular new product launches and a portfolio of mobile phone brands that may even extend to launches twelve product types per year, revenue of £2,000.00 per product shot is not unheard of. Such commercial projects require photographers who are able to use good lighting techniques to maximize the elegance of any product that is photographed.


Choosing the right camera for pack shot photography

From Nikon to Canon, Photographers have an array of camera brands to choose from. Digital cameras may be the most effective camera types for photographers on the move. For project delivery speeds, digital cameras may also provide attractive options for Photographers with tight deadlines imposed by their clients. Digital cameras capture and store images in digital form and they can be uploaded onto computer devices almost immediately.

The ability to quickly capture and then view how a photograph will appear before editing or making improvements on site is one of the key benefits of digital cameras as well as their ability to store multiple images, more than the 36 normally stored on a roll of film. Development costs for photographs are also greatly reduced as any photograph that has not been taken perfectly can be simply deleted without the photographer incurring high development and printing costs. With the advent of memory cards, digital cameras now also enjoy 64 gigabytes of memory so that they are able to store thousands of photographs simultaneously.