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How to start a photography career Latest Sale Week 18032019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Photography Business Directory and explores a popular topic covering how to start a photography career. Photographers will need to decide from the outset whether their desire is to be a hobbyist or rather if they intend to pursue a more commercial endeavour.   Hobbyist photography Those who decide to take up photography as a hobby will not necessarily have to commit significant budgets for their apparatus. Hobbyists may even simply take photographs on a regular basis using their smartphones to capture action shots or real life events. Hobbyists may focus on easy to access categories that do not necessarily generate income streams. These can include landscape photography that includes images of forestry, natural habitats and areas of natural…

Reviewing quotations from Photographers Latest Sale Week 21012019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Photography Business Directory, covering a popular topic; reviewing quotations from Photographers. The ease of acquiring photographic equipment and even multi device objects such as Smartphones ensure that taking photography is made ever more accessible. Hobbyists may not always monetize their photography for sale preferring to enjoy their hobby to the fullest without the pressure. But with the time outlaid to this popular hobby, many a photographer monetize their activities by submitting their photography to image bank libraries. Here they can sell their work to a global audience in many cases for a royalty fee. The individual fee may not be high, but with volume, some photographers can accomplish what they set out to achieve. For professional photographers especially…

2019 iPhone Photography Awards, Latest Sale Week 26112018

This week, Latest Sale covers the requirements to enter the 2019 iPhone Photography Awards for the Business Directory. The last deadline to register for the photography competition is March 31st, 2019. The IPP Awards has 18 categories, including portrait, travel, and architecture. They have three awards, 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. Entrants who place first will receive a gold bar and certificate with the second and third place winners receiving a palladium bar and certificate. Photographers need to take a picture using an iPhone or iPad and ensure it is not larger than 1,000px. Register and start taking pictures for your chance to win.

Photography: the 2018 People’s Choice Awards Latest Sale Week 01102018

This week Latest Sale covers Photography: the 2018 People’s Choice Awards, airing on November 11th, 2018 for the Business Directory. The award show will see all the stars grace the red carpet, as cameras zoom in to capture them. Ambitious photographers can hone their skills and will no doubt appreciate the opportunity to capture the stars’ entrances and participate in behind-the-scenes pictures. Budding photographers who attend the event may even be lucky enough to learn from veteran photographers with knowledge on how to capture the perfect red carpet pose. At the next People’s Choice Awards, the photographers of tomorrow could be the ones taking glamorous shots of the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, and many others.  

Top skills every photographer should have, Latest Sale Week 06082018

This week Latest Sale reports for the Photography Business Directory and uncovers the top skills every photographer should have.   Photography perfection and the creative eye Photographers need to have a creative eye and an understanding as to how to capture the perfect image. Defining the perfect image can display many guises. Perfection relates more towards capturing a moment through clear communication and storytelling as opposed to the perfection of the photographic technique. The perfect moment in relation to wedding photography for example can represent the expression on the bride’s face as she throws her bouquet to the crowd from the floral balcony, or the bride’s first steps as she enters the church on her wedding day. The moment and essence of the event can…

The Benefits of Photography Awards, Latest Sale Week 11062018

This week the Business Directory team highlights the benefits of Photography Awards, Latest Sale Week 11062018. Photography Awards are held throughout the year, and during the summer of 2018 photographers can select from two prominent contests that can raise the profile of photographers a swell as potentially giving photographers a financial boost than to some high priced contest prizes.   The Production Paradise Spotlight Awards for Photographic Excellence 2018 The Production Paradise Spotlight Awards for Photographic Excellence 2018 accepts entries from photographers from April 10th to July 17th 2018 inclusive. With a prize value of up to $60,000 in over fifteen categories, with solo top prizes of up to $18,000. The Production Paradise Spotlight Awards for Photographic Excellence 2018 is a prominent opportunity for professional…

Photography Shoots, Commercial pack shots Latest Sale Week 16042018

This week Latest Sale covers photography for the Business Directory with a focus on photography shoots, commercial pack shots. For budding photographers exploring which commercial projects to embrace, they may find that pack shot photography is highly lucrative. Pack shot photography work is fairly regular especially if the Photographer chooses a specific industry.   Building a portfolio of on pack photography For fast moving consumer goods (FMCG products), such as snacks, regular new product updates or on pack sales promotions, these can provide photographers with a steady stream of work. Photographers can also build a portfolio of work through this pack shot industry and also show potential customers how their portfolio changes according to seasonality trends. During certain periods of the year, packaging will have…

Making the most out of Bridal Photography Latest Sale Week 19022018

This week Latest Sale covers Photography for the Business Directory with a focus on how customers are making the most out of bridal photography. Before the ubiquitous use of digital technology, brides and grooms only had the traditional photo album at their disposal to display bridal photography. The hardback photo album would often be hidden away in a cupboard or placed on a bookshelf. A picture frame could also be displayed prominently on a bookshelf or a mantelpiece to showcase one of the couple’s favourite memories of the day. With digital technology, Bridal photography can now be displayed in ever more innovative ways. A digital flipbook or Apple IPAD can now be used to showcase bridal photography in the most customizable way. With the advantages…

Can Photography be a real hobby? Latest Sale Week 25122017

Latest Sale reports from the luxury Business Directory and explores whether photography can be a real hobby. Professional photographers face competition from advances in technology whether these are on mobile devices or otherwise. The use of such mobile devices and digital techniques opens up photography as a ubiquitous activity for those who may not have ever used a photographic device for any occasion other than holidays. The now ubiquitous use of photography adopted by hobbyists on mobile devices creates real challenges for professional photographers who use image bank libraries to earn an income and upload their lifestyle images. Whether photographs are taken casually every day for the purpose of social media or rather, more formally for special occasions, its wide use may reduce the need…

How to prepare for Photography Competitions, Latest Sale Week 27112017

This week Latest Sale covers Photography for the Business Directory, giving invaluable tips to those who are preparing to enter Photography competitions. One of the key benefits of entering photography competitions is the ability photographers will have to access and be exposed to global audiences. However, robust preparation is key for all photographers who aim to be successful in such forums. Photography Award submissions Typically, photography competitions are free to enter which is a substantial benefit for fledgling photographers who can focus on their craft as opposed to worrying about the budgets required for competition submissions. Photographers should bear in mind that following their preparation they can expect to be awarded with a Photography prize under various guises including photographic winners, shortlisted or commended winners….

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