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Archives for Amber Earrings

Your favourite amber earrings

Your favourite amber earrings are more likely to derive from the Baltic amber sterling jewellery collection for Destino Jewellery. Popular due to their natural colouring, the range is sold in lime green and yellow tones. All amber earrings are set in precious metals, predominantly 925 sterling silver so they are perfect for those with sensitive…

Museum quality amber earrings

Museum quality amber earrings are so called due to their market value, authenticity and sizing. These organic gemstones enjoy a market value that reflects their heritage with the best, high quality pieces deriving from the Baltics. Wearers can finally enjoy large organic gemstones used to create chunky necklaces that have become increasingly popular. Amber earrings…

Amber earrings continue to delight

Amber earrings continue to delight wearers who seek refined elegance at an accessible price point. The Destino Jewellery product design team prides itself in providing delicate organic gemstones that reflect the minimalist tendencies of the wearer. Sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery is especially popular with women who attend elegant gatherings such as luncheons and…

Heal Your Body and Reinvigorate Your Soul with Chic Amber Earrings

Along with enhancing your appearance, you can also heal your body and reinvigorate your soul with chic amber earrings. The bright yellow organic gemstone enjoys widespread popularity due to its luxurious aesthetics and almost-magical properties. As a centuries-old staple in folk medicine, this natural stone boasts multiple health benefits. Thus, it is a must-have jewellery…

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