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Archives for Copper Earrings

Summer inspiration with Destino Jewellery handmade jewellery

With brighter days ahead, Latest Sale explores summer inspiration with Destino Jewellery handmade jewellery. Handmade jewellery is often made by artisans and equally, the Destino Jewellery diffusion line of copper jewellery is manufactured in Mexico by local craftspeople. Perfect for the summer months, enjoy the exhilirating shine and glamour of Destino Jewellery raw copper earrings….

The historical influence of Destino Jewellery, copper earrings

Latest Sale explores the historical influence of Destino Jewellery, copper earrings as well as their so-called health benefits. Destino Jewellery, copper jewellery, enjoys an enviable reputation for style and of embracing cultural heritage in the jewellery design process. Copper is known to be an essential nutrient that plays a vital role by keeping bones, skin…

Destino Jewellery Handmade Jewellery in Sustainable Copper

Few jewellery choices could be better for eco-conscious jewellery wearers than the Destino Jewellery handmade jewellery in sustainable copper. Destino Jewellery is made from raw copper and this popular warm-hued metal that occurs naturally in nature enjoys a high recycling propensity. In fact, this is the reason why only 12% of the world’s copper resources…

The health benefits of copper and Destino Jewellery handmade jewellery

The health benefits of Destino Jewellery, handmade jewellery are personified with the Destino Jewellery, copper jewellery collection encompassing copper earrings and copper bracelets. According to modern science and the perception of people from around the world, for hundreds of years, copper is known to be an essential nutrient, playing a vital role in keeping bones, skin,…

Destino Jewellery, copper earrings and the use of laquered copper

Destino Jewellery, copper earrings and the use of lacquered copper is represented in a select number of pieces from the Destino Jewellery, copper earrings collection. Lacquered copper is a protective covering applied to copper materials to prevent tarnishing and corrosion. When copper products are coated with lacquered copper, they become shiny and more resistant to the damaging effects of external elements….

Are Destino Jewellery, copper earrings difficult to manufacture?

Are Destino Jewellery, copper earrings difficult to manufacture? The full range of handmade copper earrings are made predominantly in Mexico by local craftspeople who meticulously create designs inspired by magnificent stone sculptures with hieroglyphics and monumental inscriptions found in the Mayan cities of Mexico. Destino Jewellery, copper earrings are made from raw copper, which is…

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