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Home / Jewellery / Are copper earrings a good alternative to 14k gold earrings?

Are copper earrings a good alternative to 14k gold earrings?

Are copper earrings a good alternative to 14k gold earrings? The Destino Jewellery diffusion line of copper jewellery enjoys a natural bright shine that stimulates any attire whether it is pastel coloured or in a dark colour such as black or moonlight blue. The advantages of copper earrings include that fact that they have perceived health properties and are more accessibly priced than 14k gold earrings.


Health Benefits of Copper Earrings and Copper Bracelets

Copper is perceived to enjoy essential nutrients that play a vital role in keeping bones, skin, blood vessels and immune systems strong and healthy. Copper also contains anti-bacterial properties that are useful in slowing the spread of illnesses.

Because copper can be absorbed through the skin, wearing copper jewellery has become a simple, popular way to reap the benefits of this lovely metal with Destino Jewellery copper bracelets a firm favourite.


Copper jewellery price points

The Destino Jewellery copper jewellery range uses predominantly raw copper that enjoys a brilliant shine that is just as vibrant as 14k yellow gold. Therefore copper earrings are ideal for those who wish to take advantage of a stylish range of designer jewellery that enjoys a similar appearance to 14k yellow gold earrings. Destino Jewellery copper jewellery prices range from £40 for Destino Jewellery copper earrings to £200 for Destino Jewellery copper jewellery sets whereas Destino Jewellery 14k yellow gold earrings range from £200 to over £10,000.

14k gold earrings are perfect for those who have sensitive ears and therefore find it difficult to wear costume jewellery. Copper jewellery from the Destino Jewellery diffusion line includes a range tailored to women with sensitive ears that includes sterling silver earwires.

The Destino Jewellery, copper earrings collection is delivered in a black designer jewellery box.