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Archives for Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Jewellery

Sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery shines the light

Sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery shines the light on fabulous creations that embrace socially aware consumers who wish to support local artisans. Handcrafted to perfection, the Destino Jewellery amber earrings range is a colourful collection available in lime green and yellow. Necklaces and brooches are also available with the product design team focusing on…

Baltic amber sterling silver jewellery is made using shaped beads

Baltic amber sterling silver jewellery is made using shaped beads as a general rule. It creates beautiful designs suitable for daily wear. The amber beads are made with fossilized tree resin containing succinic acid. It is a compound with anti-inflammatory properties. So, besides being aesthetically pleasing, it also reduces pain and inflammation caused by various…

How to Bring Healing Properties of Baltic Amber to Fashion

Latest Sale explores how to bring healing properties of Baltic amber to fashion. Sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery has emerged from the fossilized resin of ancient trees. The beautiful yellow and lime green colours of Destino Jewellery amber jewellery pair well with earth tones and monochromatic outfits. Look no further than this riveting jewellery collection…

A Meaningful Gift: Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber Jewellery

We explore a meaningful gift: sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery. Amber is believed to bring happiness to the wearer and contains multiple hidden symbols that represent eternal love, luck, and youth. The amazing and charming artistic amber jewellery inspired by nature enjoys a unique structure, tone and texture. The glowing organic gemstone will certainly…

Brighten Your Outfit With Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber Jewellery

Brighten your outfit with sterling silver and Baltic Amber Jewellery from the Destino Jewellery collection. Baltic amber jewellery is always luxurious and represents a chic addition to any outfit. The organic amber gemstone that derives from fossilized tree resin has been prized for its bold colour and natural beauty for thousands of years. Explore and…

Where to Start Buying Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber Jewellery Online

Where to start buying sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery online. Look no further than Latest Sale and explore the Destino Jewellery sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery line. The fine jewellery range is comprised of carefully handcrafted, high-quality amber earrings and brooches. Browse and enjoy two classic dazzling colours of lime green and yellow…

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