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Archives for July 2015

Best Anthropologie Dresses to match with Tagua Necklaces, Latest Sale

For £141.95 this glorious Anthropologie dress found by the Latest Sale team is the dress to bask in as highlighted in the Fashion Business Directory. Feminine lines accentuate this maxi dress by Geisha Designs. Cocktail evenings, wine tasting and evening strolls are the perfect events for this dress. Why not pair it with Olga Margarita,…

How to Wear Escada Nenya Top with Copper Earrings, by Latest Sale

Glamour, style and sunshine is what sets this elegant Nenya Top from Escada apart from all others. A truly memorable Latest Sale Business Directory find for £415.00 from Harrods and available in sizes 8-20, we suggest pairing this dazzling 3/4 length sleeved, yellow, orange and taupe Escada top with Destino Jewellery handmade copper earrings. The delightful…

#ThisYearGoToGreece, Celebrating the Women of Greece, by Latest Sale

In the finale of our series,  #ThisYearGoToGreece, the Latest Sale Business Directory from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sector dedicates this post to the women who visit Greece, work and live in Greece and commit themselves to preserving its natural beauty. With an abundance of beautiful landscapes dripped in continuous sunshine, Greece and the Greek…

The Best Features of a £700,000 Photograph, Latest Sale Week 27072015

Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory, Photography category (#businessdirectoryphotography) and discusses what it takes to create a photograph worth £700,000. Dovima with the Elephants is an infamous fashion photograph taken in Paris by fashion photographer Richard Avedon (#richardavedon) in August 1955. The photograph showcases Christian Dior’s (#christiandior1955) latest collection during that time. Avedon used…

#ThisYearGoToGreece, Latest Sale discovers fabulous lakes and beaches

The second in our series of Latest Sale blogs from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Business Directory, covering the  #ThisYearGoToGreece initiative in which Latest Sale discovers fabulous beaches and lakes with crystal clear waters, highlights the natural beauty of Greece’s natural landscapes. Wherever you go in Greece you will be mesmerized by the delightful scenery, sandy…

#ThisYearGoToGreece, Latest Sale discovers splendid Greek Architecture

#ThisYearGoToGreece, a Latest Sale supported initiative highlighted in this week’s Hospitality Travel and Leisure Business Directory, to raise awareness of the beauty of Greece. In this post we explore the splendour of Greek architecture and spectacular landscapes. Stunning scenery is a truly captivating aspect of Greek heritage that must always be preserved and cherished. Homes…

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