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Archives for February 2019

Stainless steel earrings and their everlasting shine

It goes without saying, stainless steel earrings and their everlasting shine never goes amiss for a spicy dinner date or exhilarating party. With an array of stunning statement earrings on offer, the Fire Steel hypoallergenic jewellery collection ensures that jewellery wearers can choose from exciting large hoop earrings, dangle earrings, PVD Gold stainless steel earrings…

Entrepreneurial Edge at the Sheraton Phoenix Latest Sale Week 11022019

This week Latest Sale covers hospitality, travel and leisure trends with a focus on entrepreneurial edge at the Sheraton Phoenix. With e proliferation of workspaces in abundance that offer flexible co-working environments, it is a delight to see that upmarket hotels are also embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of co-working spaces in luxurious business settings. With…

Abstract art limited edition prints, the discerning collector choice

Abstract art limited edition prints, the discerning collector choice, for those who wish to embrace the workmanship of artists whilst retaining control over a collector’s budget. Purchasing abstract art limited edition prints from the Latest Sale site from artists such as Ali Jabbar enables collectors to display an array of fine art in various indoor…

Are hypoallergenic earrings shinier than sterling silver earrings?

Regular jewellery buyers may wonder, are hypoallergenic earrings shinier than sterling silver earrings? Latest Sale offers customers the flexibility of buying hypoallergenic earrings from the Fire Steel stainless steel jewellery collection or alternatively sterling silver earrings from the Destino Jewellery fine jewellery line. In both cases, earrings offered to customers are of the very highest…

Augmented Reality versus Virtual Reality Latest Sale Week 04022019

This week the Latest Sale team writes for the Technology Business Directory and reports on augmented reality versus virtual reality.   Augmented Reality Augmented Reality (AR) adopts the use of computer-generated images that bring together real and virtual worlds. The philosophy behind AR is one of immersion so that images and the perception of the…

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