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Two reasons to buy amber earrings

Latest Sale highlights two reasons to buy amber earrings. An organic gemstone, amber is known as a fossilized resin thought to also enjoy healing properties (both mental and physical) as well as acting as a natural purifier.

Secondly, due to its natural beauty and the availability of this organic gemstone in various colours including lime green and yellow, it has been used time and time again to create stunning jewellery pieces. Using sterling silver for much of its fine jewellery collection, the Destino Jewellery amber earrings range enjoys beautifully designed shapes from moon shaped earrings to circle shaped earrings. The collection works well with both formal and professional attire, with lime green and yellow sterling silver and baltic amber jewellery used in the autumn and winter months to accompany black and grey attire and during the spring and summer months amber jewellery works well with white linen and other light colours.

The all yeer round Destino Jewellery amber earrings collection is available in an elegant white designer jewellery box.