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Archives for April 2019

Kowtow Organic Fashion rises in New Zealand Latest Sale Week 15042019

This week, Latest Sale reports from the Fashion Business Directory and describes how Kowtow Organic Fashion rises in New Zealand. Kowtow produces a line of clean cut, minimalist organic fashion garments that garner mass appeal season after season. With an increased importance placed on fashion manufacturers to incorporate holistic sustainable practices within the entirety of…

Animate your senses with black diamond earrings

Animate your senses with black diamond earrings and buy luxury with confidence. Why not try this classic birthstone that can be gifted to fashionable women everywhere. Enjoy the exuberance of the Destino Jewellery black diamond earrings collection by selecting styles that combine both classic white and black diamonds. For birthday treats and other special occasions,…

Multistone Fine Jewellery — The Colourful Addition to One’s Collection

Multistone Fine Jewellery — the colourful addition to one’s collection. Which jewellery deserves the honour to be added to your favourite jewellery box? Destino Jewellery Multistone Jewellery, Peacock Necklace. Making the peacock’s feathers come alive are the five colourful gemstones, peridot, amethyst, citrine, sky blue topaz and garnet. Amethyst protects and purifies, citrine comforts and…

Amphibious vehicles on the rise Latest Sale Week 08042019

This week the Latest Sale team reports from the hospitality, travel and leisure Business Directory highlighting amphibious vehicles on the rise. Amphibious vehicles are defined as transportation that can be used both on land and on water. With retail prices as much as $249,000, amphibious vehicles can include amphibious bicycles, trucks, cars, hovercrafts and military…

Matching brick styled interiors with abstract art limited edition prints

Absolute Expansion, Ali Jabbar, Lifestyle Image 1

Matching brick styled interiors with abstract art limited edition prints is easily achieved with Ali Jabbar’s fine art piece “Absolute Expansion.” Brick styled walls represent an interior design trend that works best in contemporary settings. Useful for vestibules or as a dedicated wall space in a living room contrasted with traditional wall coverings of paint…

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