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Home / Fashion / Kowtow Organic Fashion rises in New Zealand Latest Sale Week 15042019

Kowtow Organic Fashion rises in New Zealand Latest Sale Week 15042019

This week, Latest Sale reports from the Fashion Business Directory and describes how Kowtow Organic Fashion rises in New Zealand. Kowtow produces a line of clean cut, minimalist organic fashion garments that garner mass appeal season after season.

With an increased importance placed on fashion manufacturers to incorporate holistic sustainable practices within the entirety of their business, Kowtow has risen to the challenge by embracing fairtrade fashion from start to finish to plug the gap between the rich and poor by encouraging fair labour practices throughout the world. In response to the challenges presented to fashion retailers and the onslaught of fast fashion, Kowtow ensures that all clothing it manufactures is ethically and organically produced and is certified as such. Kowtow uses organic cotton 100% certified fair trade by the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation with benefits to the consumer including the fact that the brand deploys sustainability pricing methodology that is factored into the finished price. Consumers are thus reassured that the guaranteed minimum garment retail price covers the costs of production and provides a sustainable livelihood for Kowtow cotton producers and much more including but not limited to offering funding for projects that benefit the organisation and wider community. Such funding also extends to the provision of business and agricultural training and support.

With many small businesses hurt by late or delayed payments, Kowtow ensures that its suppliers receive advance payment and long-term relationships so they can plan adequately for the future, another benefit of their ethical ethos.

Kowtow further ensures it only uses 100% organic certified cotton, as certified by SKAL International. This results in clothing that is never made using genetically modified (GM) seeds.