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Make a flawless first impression in milliseconds, Murray Newlands

Latest Sale prides itself in working with some of the best, cutting edge artists on behalf of clients who seek to compliment their luxury surroundings. Murray Newlands, once said “Make a flawless first impression in milliseconds” and this motto the Latest Sale team aims to accomplish with art commissions the team undertakes with its clients. Abstract artist Ali Jabbar has undertaken several art commissions with prominent clients with abstract art projects including sculptures. In support of Ali Jabbar, the Latest Sale team offer an art commissions service for clients who wish to tap into the team’s knowledge and expertise before commissioning an artist for the development of culturally inspired sculptures. Below, Latest Sale highlights the following sculptures that adhere to Murray Newlands’ ethos of making a…

Any product that needs a manual to work is broken- Elon Musk.

Latest Sale lives by this famous Elon Musk motto “Any product that needs a manual to work is broken when we select our product offerings. That is why fine art commissions handled by Latest Sale are always custom made and simplified so that they meet with customer needs and are clearly functional. Art commissions carried out at the Hotel Indigo, London Kensington- Earl’s Court as commissioned by Lord Vincent Pountain-Garrington, then General Manager of the hotel, included the All Day In Room Dining Menus carried out by abstract artist Shiroma Ratne. This abstract artist, with the with the help of the Latest Sale strategic fine art commissions team,infused her engaging, spiritual style into the hotel’s room service breakfast menus using Victorian-inspired designs with a modern twist; a butler-styled tray with raised edges of ebony, ivory and gold…

Chase perfection we can catch excellence- Vince Lombardi

Art commissions can add a special touch of elegance to many a home. Latest Sale subscribes to always achieving the highest levels of service for all art commissions we undertakes for private art commissions and luxury hotels. “If we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” This was a famous quote by Vince Lombardi that also attests to the excellent work we aim to deliver for all Art commissions Latest Sale carries out, such as the above portrait of “Lady” Rosetta. The Lady Rosetta art commission portrait was completed by Francesco Jacobello in September 2013, under management from the Latest Sale team. This art commission is a celebration of her work and commitment to the Hotel Indigo London Kensington-Earl’s Court for over 20 years. As the longest serving member of the hotel she is considered  “Lady of the House.”

Latest Sale Tips, How Artists can Develop Great Art commissions

Latest Sale is often asked how artists can contribute to art commissions requested by clients in the luxury goods sector. These art commissions can range from private art commissions, art commissions for art galleries or even art commissions for luxury hotels. In all cases the artist will need to bear in mind that each artist is chosen based on their unique artistic style as well as their ability to adapt to new working environments. Below are examples of art commissions carried out in 2014 for the Hotel Indigo Kensington, Earl’s Court by surrealist and street artist Courtney Cornelius Adams with the help of the Latest Sale team. Art commissions at the Hotel Indigo London Kensington-Earl’ s Court, carried out by Latest Sale street and surrealist…

Any Product That Needs A Manual To Work Is Broken, Elon Musk

“Any product that needs a manual to work is broken”– Elon Musk.Latest Sale lives by this famous Elon Musk motto when we select our product offerings. That is why fine art commissions handled by Latest Sale are always custom made and simplified so that they meet with customer needs and are clearly functional. Latest Sale was briefed on the 12 month art commissions project in April 2013 following a £7m refurbishment of the hotel. The full art commissions project was completed by April 2014. Rooms on all floors of the Hotel Indigo London Kensington-Earl’s Court were adorned with revamped, vibrant room signage that cleverly blend the North American surrealist and street artist Courtney Cornelius Adams’ style and humour with the hotel’s heritage and the importance the Hotel Indigo attaches to neighbourhoods. British…

Top 5 Tips To Ensure Art Commissions are a Success by Latest Sale

To be asked to be involved in art commissions is for any budding artist the ultimate compliment. A hotel, corporation, or a perspective collector is keen to embrace your style of painting whilst enabling the artist to create a unique piece for the client. While it may sound like a great way of becoming successful, Latest Sale has found that many artists are unaware of the key factors that will lead to success.   Here are the top 5 tips to ensure that projects for art commissions are a success:   1. Meet with the prospect and have a guided tour of the location in which you will be painting and also where the final artwork will be hung. This will give you an idea…

Latest Sale Art commissions, Ali Jabbar A Pity You Were Not There

“A Pity You Were Not There” is the epic masterpiece from abstract artist Ali Jabbar, available from Latest Sale as limited edition prints and art posters starting from £150.00, Ali’s enigmatic style lives on in this thought provoking painting. A truly inspirational favourite at Latest Sale, the painting can be interpreted as follows; The party is over but pleasure and play linger All have left except for a few others and This place is filled with bright light This place is longing for the presence of a special person Everyone was present except that one person This place was missing this one presence Sadly, this person did not come and is still not here The depth of Ali Jabbar’s abstract art can be enjoyed either…

Art is.. Landscape by Coincidence, Ali Jabbar Abstract Art Commissions

Latest Sale recognizes the genius work of the Ali Jabbar abstract art painting, Landscape by Coincidence now available as art posters and limited edition prints. Ali Jabbar is available to work with luxury establishments for private art commissions. Projects are handled with the art team at Latest Sale to maximize the client’s objectives and budgets. With ‘Landscape by Coincidence,’ art lovers can be bold and eclectic and combine darkness with brightness in the perfect living room or vestibule setting. This piece is one of a kind and is perfect for creating rich contrasts and colours.The images of scenery are imprinted in a fragmented, incomplete way via a journey through a car or a train. At first glance, the painting looks random on canvas; however, these are…

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