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Home / Art Commissions / How to choose a fine artist to produce high quality art commissions

How to choose a fine artist to produce high quality art commissions

Latest Sale explores top tips on how to choose a fine artist to produce high quality art commissions. One of the most important factors that commercial clients will need to bear in mind when selecting a fine artist is consistency.


Assess the artist’s work over a five-year period

Studying a fine artist’s work over a period of five years is a good benchmark when determining the quality of work a fine artist can produce consistently. It is also a good way of assessing stylistic considerations. Some clients may prefer a fine artist who has adhered to a specific style during a five-year period. This can include painting techniques, brushstrokes and the use of ink or pencil for example.


How much time do fine artists need to complete art commissions?

A timeframe is also an important consideration and clients must bear in mind that depending on the complexity of the art commissions briefed into fine artists, a reasonable timeframe for completion of bespoke work can be anything from a minimum of three months to six months.