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Online Sites to Sell Digital Art Commissions

If you are looking for online sites to sell digital art commissions, consider these: First is ArtWeb.com which allows you to sell digital art, paintings, and more at a global stage and is ideal for building a strong network of artists. Second is DeviantArt.com, its Commissions Widget lets you sell commissions and earn money from one of the largest online art communities. Third is FineArtAmerica.com designed for all artists to easily provide their art commission services to customers. Etsy.com is also excellent option to keep in mind when choosing a site to sell your digital art commissions.  

Art Commissions: Common Etiquettes

 We explore the features of art commissions: common etiquettes. We suggest that first and foremost prospective clients verify if the artist is currently open for commissions. If not, keep them on your potential artist shortlist for future consideration. Note that not all professional artists have “open/closed” status indicators. Another point of reference is to check what method of communication your shortlisted artist prefers (a direct message, email, or a form to complete on their website for example). After sending a general enquiry, wait patiently. Once your chosen artist replies, be sure to send a clear brief that is as detailed as possible. Always respect the artist’s payment terms and method.  

Art Commissions: what is the process?

Art Commissions: what is the process? Before we begin, let’s take a quick look at the official definition. Commissioning art is the act of hiring an artist to create a piece of artwork based on the client’s request. There are various reasons why clients commission artworks. One reason could be because they appreciate the work of an artist, or rather they wish to own an original piece of artwork, tailored to a specific dimension within a given budget. Art commissioning may seem intimidating at first. Luckily, a client can contact their local gallery to help guide them to their final selection of a suitable artist who will be able to adhere to their specific brief. Moreover, most artists are willing to work on art commissions…

Do Art Commissions Include Sculptures or Installation Works?

Do art commissions include sculptures or installation works? When we hear about commissioned pieces, we typically think of classical portraiture, but this is far from the only genre available upon request. Sculptors and installation artists offer an impressive 3-D alternative for those interested in purchasing original art. Sculpture commissions can be extremely varied to suit the needs of the client, so it is important to consider the specialization of the artist. For example, some sculptors excel at creating lifelike statues with minimal source materials. These options would be best for commissions portraying historical or biblical figures for churches or educational organisations. Contrarily, some artists prioritize construction and form in their works, which is best suited for abstract sculptures placed within modern architecture. Other artists prefer…

Modern Portrait Style Art Commissions Take Inspiration from Vermeer

Many modern portrait style art commissions take inspiration from Vermeer. Portrait art is intended to depict a specific human subject and the attributes of their life. Johannes Vermeer helped to shape this genre in the 17th century, and his influence has remained strong in the modern art world. To explore this, we will analyze his painting entitled Young Woman with a Lute (ca.1662–1663). This painting depicts a young woman looking out of the window as she tunes her lute in preparation for a duet, likely with the mysterious man for whom her gaze awaits. Music during this time, much like portraiture itself, was exclusive to elites and noble individuals of high society. The objects we see hold as much power as the subject herself, symbolizing…

How Art Commissions Can Take Inspiration from Household Items

Did you know that art commissions can take inspiration from household items? Any object you hold in esteem (such as an ornamental flower vase or a sentimental blanket) can be transformed into an abstract art piece in the style of the artist you admire. The item will be artistically memorialized, making for a great conversation piece that will increase the value of your interior design. There are many artist-influenced styles to choose from when considering a commission piece. One might turn to historical examples, such as Andy Warhol or Vincent Van Gogh, who both regularly made commissioned work. Even a simple dining room chair can take you on an artistic journey through abstraction and expressionism. For example, a Warhol inspired piece might contain repetitive imagery,…

The History of Art Commissions

From castles to your living room, Latest Sale explores the history of art commissions. Historically, art commissions were exclusive to the rich and noble people of society. Artists were commissioned to create bespoke pieces typically in portrait form, showcasing the subject’s decadent wealth and power. This peaked during the Renaissance Era, as the old masters perfected their skill in the accurate human form. Art commissions could also be religious in nature. For example, the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo was a commissioned project, as well as The Last Supper by Leonardo De Vinci. In the 20th century, the world of art commissions began to shift. Governments began to commission public pieces from celebrated artists for reasons that differed to their opulent predecessors. In 1937, Pablo…

The Perfect Room For Landscape Styled Art Commissions

Latest Sale explores the perfect room for landscape styled art commissions. When choosing an art movement to commission from a fine artist, it is important to consider the mood and colour scheme of the room. Landscape art styles, for example, look best in rooms with traditional or vintage designs. They tend to emanate class and sophistication, making them perfect for a home study room. Landscape paintings are also suitable for large, open spaces because they brighten a room whilst highlighting the grandeur of nature. We also recommend landscape art commissions for commercial venues. They will certainly impress your clientèle as well as making your open spaces feel welcoming.  

The Importance of Art Commissions in the Workplace

The Importance of art commissions in the workplace is explored in this post, with emphasis placed on adding an accent piece to a room setting. Art commissions are a great way to add artistry and inspiration into any work environment. With a captivating piece of artwork to compliment the interior design of the workplace, there will be a notable increase in both productivity and employee morale. Or, if you work from home, you’ll find art commissions can subtly enhance your personal office space.  The artist can equally tailor their work to fit their client’s exact needs, whether it is to create an abstract, landscape, or even street inspired artistic piece. The client can also specify to the artist the desired colour scheme and size of…

Discover how art commissions can brighten your world

Discover how art commissions can brighten your world with inspiring fine artists who will create the final touches to your favourite room. From bedrooms to living room settings, art commissions can be well tailored to your needs and taste. Taking into consideration colour schemes and furnishing styles whether these be contemporary, vintage or art nouveau, clients can brief fine artists to create unique pieces that truly reflect their personality. Charming and sometimes opulent, art commissions can enhance the natural beauty of a room and its surroundings as well as reinforcing the personality of the resident. Art commissions can be a reflection of a centrepiece or other furnishings. Clients who brief artists will need to provide a tight brief to the artist with all considerations made…

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