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Assessing the popularity of Portrait art commissions

Fine artists with varying degrees of ability and stylistic differences, may wonder what are the best the opportunities to explore when developing art commissions for private clients. Of course, assessing the popularity of portrait art commissions for those who have the skill to undertake such work appeals to fine artists who are unafraid of challenges. Portrait art commissions are typically very popular with private clients for the following reasons;

  • Clients are able to showcase themselves to their key stakeholders in a highly personalised way.
  • Clients are able to have a portrait that is especially tailored to the artistic style of the artist.
  • Colour tones of the portrait can be explored with flexibility given to black ink or coloured portraits
  • The flexibility of portraits can include background settings or not depending on the desire of the client and most portrait artists can easily adapt to this.

In conclusion, assessing the popularity of art commissions opens up a wider debate amongst artists, some of whom wish to retain their stylistic endeavours for all artwork they create with others offering more flexibility for their clients and being more open to painting or sketching traditional portraits that do not necessarily follow a specific artistic style.