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Archives for April 2021

Handmade jewellery for all seasons is a concept

Handmade jewellery for all seasons is a concept personified through a variety of designs from the Destino Jewellery collection. A riveting collection indeed with a blend of both trendsetting and classic styles awaits women who seek jewellery accessories with a difference. For summer evenings, ensure your strapless black top is suitably accompanied with copper earrings…

How Telecommunications Improves Remote Work, Latest Sale Week 26042021

This week Latest Sale discusses how telecommunications improves remote work as part of the Business Directory. Telecommunications technology has enabled companies to take advantage of remote work options, allowing employees to stay connected with colleagues and customers while working from any location. By offering remote work opportunities, businesses can access a larger pool of talent…

Stainless steel jewellery strides ahead at office functions

Stainless steel jewellery strides ahead at office functions with a range suited to working professionals who need to balance their desire for trendsetting styles with maintaining an aura of professionalism at all times. Choose stainless steel stud earrings for formal client meetings. You will look incredibly stylish without being overbearing. Select plain silver toned huggies,…

Finely tuned copper earrings

Finely tuned copper earrings are at one with both nature and culture thanks to the stunning, enigmatic designs that personify the Destino Jewellery line. Handmade jewellery that is both beautiful and unique is the essence of this collection so be sure to wear jewellery accessories to high profile events and celebrations so you can impress…

Architecture Has Changed in the 21st Century Latest Sale Week 19042021

This week Latest Sale reports on how architecture has changed in the 21st century as part of the Business Directory’s architecture category. The 21st century has seen a dramatic shift in architectural style and approaches. Contemporary architecture has moved away from the styles of past centuries, embracing modern design approaches such as using new, alternative…

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