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Gresso Regal luxury, Latest Sale Week 17092018

This week, Latest Sale covers Telecommunications for the Business Directory with a focus on the Gresso Regal luxury smartphone. The Gresso Regal smartphone features a chic and sophisticated design, which is an eclectic fusion of state-of-the-art technology and luxury materials. These elements have been combined to create an ultra-slim smartphone enclosed in titanium exterior. At just 8.8 mm, this is one of the slimmest and classiest smartphones on the luxury market. The Gresso Regal smartphone exudes a unique touch of elegance and opulence. Each phone has been handcrafted to perfection and is an admirable work of art. Less than 1000 units have been crafted for this special limited edition design. Serial numbers are also embossed on the gold insert located on the rear panel. You…

Design is to balance comfort with luxe- Donna Karan

When buying fine jewellery, bear this Donna Karan quote in mind, “Design is to balance comfort with luxe.” Destino Jewellery emulates a stylistic edge for women looking for simplicity and elegance. Ruby earrings from the Destino Jewellery, fine jewellery collection include ruby pear shaped dangle earrings with matching Destino Jewellery, ruby necklace. A deeply refined fine jewellery piece that inspires and gives off a warm glow, Destino Jewellery, designer jewellery is the perfect fine jewellery accessory for elegant gowns and special events. Bridal jewellery has never been so accessible to find. The Destino jewellery collection includes fine jewellery inspirations that are delicately designed. These pair of Destino Jewellery, pear shaped dangle ruby earrings are encrusted with six crystal clear diamonds. Ruby gemstones are thought to…

Latest Sale Week 29062015, The Best Bag £1.2 Million Can Buy

Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory, Fashion section (#businessdirectoryfashion) and discusses how to enjoy life just like a millionaire with a £1.2 Million Hermès Bag. The Hermès Kelly (#goldhermeskelly) handbag is made from solid rose gold. The bag has been moulded to resemble crocodile leather and is encrusted with a total of 1,160 diamonds. This Hermès handbag has been designed in collaboration with shoe designer and jeweller Pierre Hardy and took two years to design. Smaller than the Hermès Kelly line up, this bag has been designed to be worn as a bracelet with the handbag strap resting on the wrist. Image courtesy of: purseblog  

Latest Sale Week 27042015, £4,600 Dolce & Gabanna jewelled Headphones

Latest Sale continues to report on fabulous finds from the Business Directory. This week we focus on the Multimedia and Digital sector with Wearable Technology. Dolce & Gabanna have made the most luxurious headphones to date. The headphones are available for a staggering price of £4,600. These are definitely not your average pair of headphones as they are fully embellished with the brand’s signature jewellery, pearls, gold chains, Swarovski crystals, leather and velvet. In total D & G have designed three headphone designs for this luxurious accessory piece. Red Leather D & G bejewelled headphones, images courtesy of The Independent Green leather D & G bejewelled headphones, images courtesy of The Independent Gold leather D & G bejewelled headphones, images courtesy of The Independent  …

Latest Sale Week 19012015, Debbie Wingham’s Abaya for £12 Million

British fashion designer Debbie Wingham has created the most expensive dress in the world. At £12 million, this is the most luxurious dress in the world. Once again, Latest Sale reports on insightful news from the Luxury Business Directory with this piece dedicated to Fashion. Called the “Abaya”, the dress features an oversized kaftan silhouette trimmed with red and black floral embellishments with opulent jewels including 50 2 carat black diamonds, 2 carat white diamonds, around 1,800 black and white pointer diamonds, and 1,000 pointer rubies with 14 carat gold threads. The dress is also embedded with an extremely rare red diamond. The diamond is so rare that only one in every hundred million diamonds will enjoy this natural red hue. Wingham was inspired to…