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Latest Sale Hospitality news: Manta Underwater Room, Week 08052017

This week Latest Sale reports from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Business Directory showcasing the Manta Underwater Room off the East African coast off the coast of Tanzania and nearby island of Pemba. Designed by Genberg Underwater Hotels, the Manta Underwater Room is located 13ft or 4 metres below sea level. Guests are treated to an enriching experience of sea life and sub aquatic tourism in the heart of the Indian Ocean. With the exclusive guest room costing up to $1,500 a night for two people or $900 for singles, be sure to plan ahead and ensure you make the most of the setting and exclusive nature of the island. Sea life highlights do not end during the day as night-time at the Manta Underwater Room…

Is the DB Seabank, Malta really a 4* hotel? Latest Sale Week 19092016

Is the DB Seabank, Malta really a 4* hotel? Latest Sale Week 19092016 insights. This week, the Latest Sale Luxury Business Directory, Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sector is dedicated to a special feature covering the DB Seabank Resort and Spa in Mellieha, Malta, managed by General Manager Hubert Debono as of January 2016. We have all read the reviews so the Latest Sale team wanted to see if this hotel really lives up to the hype. In particular we wanted to test if this hotel is suitable for business travellers. Most reviews on the hotel that we have encountered tend to be from leisure travellers so the Latest Sale team put together this extensive review as part of the Luxury Business Directory from the perspective…

Take a horse drawn taxi on Mackinac Island, Latest Sale Week 17082015

There are times when we need to take a step back into the past when life was far simpler. Latest Sale reports from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Business Directory on a new trend with holidaymakers ever more dedicated to being at one with nature and their natural environments. We report on the wonderfully inspired Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA where you can take a trip down memory lane. The gateway to Mackinac Island is Michigan USA and the conveniently located Lake Huron. Voted as one the Top 10 Islands in the US by Trip Advisor, the Latest Sale team can certainly see why. The coastal views from Mackinac Island where no cars are allowed are just spectacular. Take a horse drawn taxi service around the island…

#ThisYearGoToGreece, Celebrating the Women of Greece, by Latest Sale

In the finale of our series,  #ThisYearGoToGreece, the Latest Sale Business Directory from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sector dedicates this post to the women who visit Greece, work and live in Greece and commit themselves to preserving its natural beauty. With an abundance of beautiful landscapes dripped in continuous sunshine, Greece and the Greek islands continue to appeal to luxury travellers who are seeking hidden treasures. Enjoy experimenting with your favourite Sumer fashion attire for the beach, Summer lunchtime retreats or evening dinners. Relax and be inspired by all that Greece has to offer and join the momentum; #ThisYearGoToGreece.     Photos by Fabrizio Criscuolo      

#ThisYearGoToGreece, Latest Sale discovers fabulous lakes and beaches

The second in our series of Latest Sale blogs from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Business Directory, covering the  #ThisYearGoToGreece initiative in which Latest Sale discovers fabulous beaches and lakes with crystal clear waters, highlights the natural beauty of Greece’s natural landscapes. Wherever you go in Greece you will be mesmerized by the delightful scenery, sandy white beaches, exhilarating hilltop views, marine life, the pebble stone walkways and underwater and sea level caves, that lead you to the numerous islands at your disposal to explore. Some of the Latest Sale favourite Greek islands include, Santorini, Koufonisia Island, Mykonos Island, Monemvasia and the delightful Zakynthos (Zante) Island.   Images- Kalymnous Island, Greece, Halki Island, Greece from an open window, Beach Kako, Lagudi Poros Island, Greece, Milos Island, Greece     Photos by…

#ThisYearGoToGreece, Latest Sale discovers splendid Greek Architecture

#ThisYearGoToGreece, a Latest Sale supported initiative highlighted in this week’s Hospitality Travel and Leisure Business Directory, to raise awareness of the beauty of Greece. In this post we explore the splendour of Greek architecture and spectacular landscapes. Stunning scenery is a truly captivating aspect of Greek heritage that must always be preserved and cherished. Homes and gardens, the Greek experience with the beauty of its landscapes never ending. Picturesque by nature, Greek Architecture at its very best, surrounded by the beautiful essence of mesmerizing hilltops.    Images –Santorini, Greece, Beach Kako, Lagudi Poros Island, Greece, Monenvasia, Greece, Serifos island, Greece Zakynthos (Zante) Island, ionian Sea, Greece, Views from an open window, Halki Island, Folegandros Island, Greece Milos Island, Greece, Mykonos Island, Greece Photos by Fabrizio Criscuolo

Latest Sale Week 22062015, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, £9,500 a Night

Latest Sale continues to report on fabulous finds from the  Business Directory. This week we focus on Hospitality, Travel and Leisure. The Emirates Palace Hotel, a 7-star luxury hotel is the next best thing to staying in a royal family palace. In a country where luxury hotels are in abundance, the Emirates Palace Hotel tops them all. Guest rooms at this 7-star hotel range from £315 up to £9,500 a night. Costing around £1.8 million to build, the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi enjoys 394 rooms, 40 meeting rooms and several concierge rooms. The hotel is also equipped with a private white sandy beach, swimming pools, fountains, a sumptuous spa, over 1,000 crystal chandeliers and luxurious furnishings including marble imported from 13 different countries….

Latest Sale Week 13042015, The Place Koh Tao Luxury Villas, £183.00

Latest Sale continues to report on findings from the luxury Business Directory.  This week we focus on the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sector. Located in Koh Tao, Suratthani, Thailand, The Place Kao Tao is a luxury boutique villa complex. Each 48 square metre boutique villa includes an additional 36 square metres of outside decking with guests also able to enjoy their own private infinity pool. Situated high up in the hills above Sairee, views from these luxury infinity pool villas are just stunning. The boutique villa complex is located close to the main business and entertainment districts of the island and is just a 10-minute walk or 3- minute motorcycle ride to the beach. Despite the villa complex’s proximity to the beach each one of…

Latest Sale Week 16032015, Hyatt Dubai, Persian New Year spa, £140.00

Latest Sale continues to report on findings from the luxury Business Directory. This week we cover the hospitality, travel and leisure sector. Located in the Bur Dubai District, the Grand Hyatt Dubai is a majestic tower that sits on the edge of Dubai’s historic creek. An award winning 5-star hotel, it is one of the most modern and luxurious hotels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Located close to landmarks in the financial and entertainment districts including the Dubai International Finance Centre, the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa, its convenient proximity to these prime sites is sure to please the needs of even the most demanding travellers. Set in 37 acres of landscape gardens, the Grand Hyatt Dubai has 674 luxury hotel rooms and suites…

Latest Sale Week 02032015, Silversea Luxury Cruise for £35,000

Latest Sale continues to report on findings from the luxury Business Directory. This week we focus on Silversea, from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure category. Silversea is a luxury cruise that has the reputation of providing exclusive, exemplary service. Silversea has eight small luxury ships with ocean view suites complete with butler service that can carry around 100 to 540 passengers. These small scale vessels sail to over 450 destinations around the world including remote ports. Silversea luxury cruises typically cost around £35.000 per person. With an emphasis on personalized cruising, Silversea has a team of dedicated destination consultants to help travellers find the most appropriate excursions that reflect their needs. Shore excursions are broken down into three categories, by activity, level and atmosphere. Some…

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