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Latest Sale Week 02032015, Silversea Luxury Cruise for £35,000

Latest Sale continues to report on findings from the luxury Business Directory. This week we focus on Silversea, from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure category. Silversea is a luxury cruise that has the reputation of providing exclusive, exemplary service. Silversea has eight small luxury ships with ocean view suites complete with butler service that can carry around 100 to 540 passengers. These small scale vessels sail to over 450 destinations around the world including remote ports. Silversea luxury cruises typically cost around £35.000 per person. With an emphasis on personalized cruising, Silversea has a team of dedicated destination consultants to help travellers find the most appropriate excursions that reflect their needs. Shore excursions are broken down into three categories, by activity, level and atmosphere. Some…

Latest Sale Week 09022015, Scrub Island Valentine’s Day Treat, £11,000

Latest Sale continues to report on findings from the luxury Business Directory. This week we focus on Scrub Island Resort, from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure category. Scrub Island Resort is a luxury boutique hotel that opened in March 2010. Located on the British Virgin Islands, Marina Cay, the resort is absolute paradise. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and a luxurious Valentine’s package at this resort can be yours for around £11,000. Couples will experience a Valentine’s Day treat like no other. First, couples will be taken by a private helicopter transfer from Terrance B and upon arrival at Lettsome International Airport, they will be greeted with a bottle of Dom Pérignon Rosé Champagne and Beluga Caviar. During the guest’s four-night stay at…

Latest Sale Week 02022015, Antilla for £1.5 Billion

Latest Sale continues to report on findings from the luxury Business Directory. This week we focus on the Antilla, from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure category. With a market value of £1.5 billion, this 27-storey skyscraper is the world’s largest and most expensive home ever built, with an impressive total of 600 ground staff employed to maintain it. If you think the exterior of this family home is a beauty, wait until you view its luxurious interiors. We weren’t surprised to discover that its interior exudes luxury everywhere. At the Antilla, no two floors are the same in either the materials or plans used. This was at the request of Mrs Nita Ambani, wife to Mr Mukesh Ambani. The Interior Design team was then able to blend styles and architectural elements with…

Latest Sale Week 01122014, Feel Like a Burj Al Arab King for £14,000

Latest Sale continues to bring you our favourite highlights from the Luxury Business Directory, this time from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure section. Situated in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, a stunning feature of this luxury 5 star hotel features a room that will make anyone feel like a king. For £14,000 a night the Burj Al Arab experience includes a Rolls Royce Phantom pick up, a luxurious 2 storey suite, your own butler, a six course dinner and a signature spa experience. Dubai’s famous sail-shaped hotel welcomes guests with fireballs that burst into the entrance and a fountain that shoots water into the cavernous, gold-filled atrium. Hotels are only rated up to 5 stars, but the Burj Al Arab is considered to be the…

Latest Sale Week 17112014, Quad jet ski combos for $40,000

For the greatest thrill of your life Latest Sale  recommends the quad jet ski combos by Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc. Latest Sale continues to report on those great items to buy as featured in the Business Directory for the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure section. Quad jet ski combos are around $40,000 each, enabling you to mountain trek on land and then continue your quad bike thrills and adventures on water. For adventure seekers everywhere. Please note, all scenes in the promotional video are taken from professional quad jet ski combo riders. Professional instruction is required when using the quad ski combos. Enjoy!   Images and video courtesy of Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc.

Latest Sale Week 10112014, Palace of Love mansion for $195m

Latest Sale continues to highlight special treasures from our Luxury Business Directory. This week we cover the most expensive real estate beauty of the moment from our Hospitality, Travel and Leisure section; a Beverley Hills mansion for a whopping $195 million. What can be expected from a property of this value and for $195 million would incumbent owners expect the mansion to be perfect for their needs or will there be an expectation to renovate once again to one’s own taste. The Palazzo di Amore ( Palace of Love ), is a 25 acre property that comes fully equipped with a vineyard, 23 bathrooms. Rental prices current stand at $475,00 a month.   Images and Photography courtesy of Mark Angeles Coldwell Banker      

Latest Sale Week 13102014, VW Concept car with Ducati Engine

Each week we continue to showcase luxury treats from the Latest Sale, Business Directory. This week, we take the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sector to the next level with a wonderfully inspired Volkswagen Supercar with Lamborghini doors and a Ducati Engine from this year’s 2014 Paris Motor Show..The lightweight magnesium and carbon sportscar with V2 adapted engine technology, this supercar is expected to reach the highest levels of efficiency. thanks to the use of the Ducati 1199 Superleggera, the world’s most powerful two-cylinder motorcycle engine. An enigmatic addition to Volkswagen’s transportation portfolio, this 270 km/h vehicle transcends boundaries not reached by other concept cars presented at the show from numerous manufacturers.   Images and references courtesy of Business Insider and Volkswagen.      

Latest Sale Week 06102014, an 8 bedroom Mansion for $365,000

Our weekly announcement of hot ticket items for sale happens here on Latestsale.com each Monday. This week Latest Sale highlights luxury homes for less from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Luxury Business Directory. Our favourite from this week an 8 bedroom mansion for $365,000. As featured in the Wall Street Journal, the eight bedroom, seven bathroom mansion in Detroit, Michigan spans 5,606 sq feet, in an area of historical importance. The Mediterranean styled mansion suits moderate budgets without buyers having to compromise on luxury. For buyers seeking added value real estate that measures up to eight expectation of luxury, a budget focused purchase is now more readily achieveable. Images courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

Latest Sale, Week 08092014, Park Hyatt New York suites from $1,295

Our next weekly announcement of hot ticket items for sale. Deluxe, contemporary suites at the truly 5* Park Hotel Hyatt in New York complete with elegant spacious surroundings. At Latestsale.com we continue to highlight the ultimate in luxury experiences from our Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Business Directory. Our favourite Park Hyatt highlights include Private Tango lessons, oversized soaking tub, the Atelier Spa Nalai with outdoor terraces and Artphaire, the hotel’s curated by Art magazine. A luxurious stay is guaranteed for business or pleasure and a productive stay. Spacious Presidential suites, may of which enjoy skylight views of New York City are optional.   Images courtesy of Park Hyatt New York  

Latest Sale, Week 01092014, Bell 407 Helicopter, Exclusive Aircraft Sales Limited

Welcome to our weekly announcement of the latest big ticket sale items. At Latestsale.com, we promise to only communicate the most luxurious goodies and sought after items for our Business Directory that includes the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sector. This week, we highlight the Bell 407 Helicopter that will be sold via luxury Private Aircraft Charter service provider Exclusive Aircraft Sales Limited. Exclusive Aircraft Sales Limited is a leading provider of private aviation services throughout Europe and the world. The team has a team of dedicated charter brokers that handle VIP passengers, time critical freight and all helicopter transport requirements. * 24/7 operation * Large range of aircraft for lease and sale * Super fast quotes on all aircraft charters * Wide selection of helicopters…

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