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The Advantages of Phoneography, Latest Sale Week 13052019

This week, the Latest Sale team reports from the Photography Business Directory and highlights the advantages of phoneography, With multi use devices on the rise, even semi professional photographers are turning to their smartphones to captivate stunning memories. What turns a smartphone into a useful photographic device? The photographic lenses represent one of the most important functions of smartphones with macro, wide angle or telephoto lenses often offered as standard.

Telephoto lenses enjoy cinematic credentials thanks to the long lenses feature enjoyed by these traditional cameras. Long focal length lenses can capture objects from long distances away from the source with brilliant accuracy. Although some professional photographers may always turn to traditional cameras for their daily workflow, multi use smartphones are an attractive option for semi professional photographers and those who wish to enhance their knowledge and begin the process of understanding how shots are set up and the influencing factors that pertain to the quality of the photographic output.