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Archives for May 2019

Ensure abstract art limited edition prints brighten your spirits

Ensure abstract art limited edition prints brighten your spirits by selecting bright tones from the Ali Jabbar abstract art series. From Yellow Sky to Absolute Expansion, be sure in the knowledge that your spiritual health can be addressed with brightly coloured paintings from abstract artists such as Ali Jabbar. Uplifting abstract art limited edition prints…

Add a turquoise twist to your gold plated earrings

Add a turquoise twist to your gold plated earrings by exploring simulated stones from costume jewellery collections around the world. Embrace colour and unique style with dangle earrings that combine colour with exotic figurines. For summer parties, gold plated earrings that shine in the dark are perfect accessories especially when coloured stones are added to them….

Do Modius Headsets Make You Feel Nauseas? Latest Sale Week 27052019

This week, Latest Sale asks, “Do Modius headsets make you feel nauseas?” from the Technology Business Directory. Launched in August 2017, Modius headsets use vestibular stimulation to deliver a message to the brain’s hypothalamus, which influences appetite and satiety. The technology promotes weight loss by reducing a person’s appetite and cravings for unhealthy foods. Users…

Murano glass earrings never disappoint

Located near the elegant city of Venice, Italy Murano glass earrings never disappoint those seeking classically styled glamour. Set on the shores of an elegant island dedicated to creating artisanal treasures. Murano island is renown for its creations with exclusive glassware now attuned to the sensibilities of jewellery wearers. From elegant pendants to matching Murano…

Glow with pride with copper earrings

Destino Jewellery shows fashionistas how to glow with pride with copper earrings. With twists and twirls, hoops and dangle earrings, jewellery wearers are spoilt for choice thanks to an exciting handmade jewellery collection that exudes style and is renown for its bright luster and shine. Wear Destino Jewellery copper earrings with pride at special events…

How Sterling silver baltic amber jewellery accentuate your best assets

The Latest Sale team explores our guide into how sterling silver baltic amber jewellery accentuate your best assets. From fashion styles that enjoy classic tones to professional attire, this organic gemstone adds balance to dark coloured garments as well as pastel colours in the spring and summer months. Let this delicate, classic sterling silver Baltic…

Tortoiseshell blue interiors with chocolate Latest Sale Week 20052019

This week the Latest Sale team reports from the Interior Design Business Directory with a focus on tortoiseshell blue interiors with chocolate. Colour contrasts ensure elegant living spaces are destined for wide appeal. They exude a truly elegant charm with wall coverings and metal framed mirrors also used to enhance elegant colour tones. Chocolate wall…

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