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Telecommunications: 5G and Businesses, Latest Sale Week 24062019

Latest Sale discusses “Telecommunications: 5G and Businesses,” this week from the Business Directory. Should businesses embrace 5G technology? Productivity may increase according to pundits. This is due to the known advantages of 5G technology as a whole. 5G technology uses a high spectrum with high-tech radio technology, producing 10 Gbps of transmission speed. Lower latency with 4 to 5 milliseconds of delay time allows for uninterrupted operations. The infrastructure of 5G allows several devices to connect to one network without affecting speed. However despite these benefits, 5G technology also poses a security threat, as hackers have multiple entry points to enter the network. Combining 5G with artificial intelligence can impact blue collar and professional, white-collar employees due to advances in technology and machine learning that…

Micro-Influencers in Telecommunications, Latest Sale Week 29042019

This week, Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory to discuss the rising trend of micro-influencers in telecommunications. The telecommunications industry is beginning to realise the importance of establishing relationships with micro-influencers. Micro-influencers hold a thought leadership status and have a following that telecommunications brands can use to promote their products and services. Through influencer marketing campaigns, the industry can gain the trust of customers. Influencers can promote their products and services to specific audiences and increase both sales and revenue for the telecommunications industry. This strategy works with harmonious engagement methodologies whereby selected influencers who have the same target audience as telecommunications brands work in harmony to reach high profile, hard-to-reach audiences.      

Telecommunications and Smart Cities Latest Sale Week 04032019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory and covers telecommunications and smart cities. With the development of 5G technologies, creating a viable smart city is nearing its objective. Thanks to the introduction of billions of IoT (Internet of Things) connections worldwide and improved 5G network capabilities, data transmissions will be able to power smart cities with ease. The race is on to see which city of the world will be the first to present a truly connected smart city. Increased connectivity will also give way to the creation of even more exciting devices that can connect seamlessly with transportation systems, smartphones and office complexes.    

The Internet Of Things in 2019 Latest Sale Week 07012019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Telecommunications Business Directory with a focus on the Internet of Things in 2019. How and can the IoT revolutionize the future of telecommunications? Future government and industrial policies will focus ever more on Smart Cities; an exploration of how technology can be used and integrated into all our daily lives. Effective IoT can be achieved by embracing connected devices, from mobile phones to streamlined in-car interfaces. The increased importance of connectivity explains the ever rising popularity of mobile apps. IoT within Smart cities aims to ensure that residents and business owners can enjoy a streamlined experience. This can include everything from transportation with users able to travel seamlessly using smart cards for payment as opposed to manual payments…

How to Select a Trendsetting Camera Phone, Latest Sale Week 12112018

This week, Latest Sale explores how to select a trendsetting camera phone, with many consumers often concerned that the price they pay for a phone is too high based on depreciation factors. Is a phone (camera enabled or not) no different to a motor vehicle that depreciates too quickly, with regular and costly updates required in order to ensure that key applications work? Is it worth buying a high priced camera phone when depreciation is almost immediate after purchase and then continuous as the months go by? As part of the Latest Sale Telecommunications Business Directory, we suggest consumers select high spec mobile devices that address the specific needs of the user. The higher the spec, the greater the longevity of the device even if…

Gresso Regal luxury, Latest Sale Week 17092018

This week, Latest Sale covers Telecommunications for the Business Directory with a focus on the Gresso Regal luxury smartphone. The Gresso Regal smartphone features a chic and sophisticated design, which is an eclectic fusion of state-of-the-art technology and luxury materials. These elements have been combined to create an ultra-slim smartphone enclosed in titanium exterior. At just 8.8 mm, this is one of the slimmest and classiest smartphones on the luxury market. The Gresso Regal smartphone exudes a unique touch of elegance and opulence. Each phone has been handcrafted to perfection and is an admirable work of art. Less than 1000 units have been crafted for this special limited edition design. Serial numbers are also embossed on the gold insert located on the rear panel. You…

Where will 5G devices be used? Latest Sale Week 23072018

This week Latest Sale covers Telecommunications for the Business Directory and addresses the question; where will 5G devices be used? 5G technology refers to wireless technology of the fifth generation. 5G services enable full integration of devices that will be able to cross communicate with key functions carried out by these devices. Functions can range from pressing a button that opens the front door of the house, or speaking to a device that switches on the lights.   What are device form factors? Form factors define the level of compatillibility between hardware in devices and third party equipment. Form factors are a reflection of the design and functionality of said hardware or computer. Form factors run off a key function or feature. 5G device form…

Embracing cloud computing telecommunications Latest Sale Week 28052018

This week Latest Sale covers telecommunications for the Business Directory and assesses the importance of embracing cloud computing telecommunications.   The benefits of cloud computing telecommunications Telecommunications providers have been dealt with the challenge of creating ever more adaptable and scalable solutions for their clients. With a focus on creating high quality solutions, telecommunications service providers can access cloud computing solution cost effectively to and ever more demanding client base. With regular updates monitored from and controlled from the cloud, potential customers will also enjoy the flexibility of accessing services and paying for them for the first time from anywhere in the world thanks to the flexibility of the cloud.   Reducing costs through cloud computing telecommunications Cable providers can further reduce their cost base…

Internet of Things impact Telecommunications Latest Sale Week 02042018

This week Latest Sale covers Telecommunications trends and explores some of the challenges ahead for the industry in 2018 and beyond. In particular we cover the topic  Internet of Things, impact Telecommunications. IoT (Internet of Things) facilitates the use of connected devices and addresses the challenges of pulling together millions of data streams. The expectation moving forward is that these billions of connected data streams will require the need for zettabyte network handling. A zettabyte may be measured with storage capacity levels of 2 to the 70th power bytes. The unit byte symbol for digital information of zettabytes is ZB. The global internet traffic level reached the one zettabyte threshold in September 2016. As well as presenting challenges, the Internet of Things also offers telecommunications companies with…

Securing the best in 5G Telecommunications, Latest Sale Week 05022018

This week we cover Telecommunications trends for the Latest Sale Business Directory with a particular focus on securing the best in 5G Telecommunications. One of the greatest challenges for any new technological advancement is the assurance that customers will enjoy a greater level of service from that device; from security to reliability. For Smartphones moving forward whose access may be reliant on fingerprint or facial recognition instead of inputting a password. These new security measures may present one of the most secure ways to identify customers and users of a service. In reality, these technologies are not new bearing in mind that they have been used already in high security government facilities and/or in airports. This development of fingerprint and facial recognition security trends embedded…

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