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GoldVish Le Million Luxury Smartphone, Latest Sale Week 18102016

This week Latest Sale reports on luxury Smartphones for the Business Directory, Telecommunications section. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a strong heritage in Swiss design, GoldVish, originally founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 2003, enjoys an enviable range of luxury Smartphones encrusted in diamonds for those who wish to be truly unique. This GoldVish Le Million Smartphone will set you back however by at least $1.3 million. Featured in the Guinness Book of records in June 2016 as the most expensive Smartphone ever made, the GoldVish le Million is state of the art Swiss manufacturing at its very best. With a deep focus and passion for watch design, elegant, product development and extensive technology prowess, this telecommunications masterpiece is the epitome of smart technical…

Where to Find A Secure Phone for £8,900, Latest Sale Week 13072015

Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory, Telecommunications section (#businessdirectorytelecommunications) and reports on how you can own a very secure, 24 karat gold iPhone 6 for £8,900. The Lux iPhone 6 Secure (#luxiphone6secure) enables secure communication for its users. A 256 Bit Encrypted Kryptall phone ensures the user’s privacy is attained so that calls cannot be intercepted by third parties. Kryptall technology is also widely used by Heads of the State, VIPs and prominent government officials around the world. The Kryptall technology used in the Lux iPhone 6 Secure uses custom firmware that codes the audio of the call so it cannot be understood by anyone other than the caller on the other end of the line. The iPhone 6 is made of two layers…

Latest Sale Week 16022015, Tonino Lamborghini Antares for £2,500

Latest Sale continues to report on findings from the luxury Business Directory. This week we focus on the limited edition Antares, from the Telecommunications, Technology, Multimedia and Digital category. If iPhones were expensive then take a look at this luxurious smartphone made by the luxury Italian brand – Tonino Lamborghini. The Antares is a quad-core Lamborghini-inspired smartphone crafted in stainless steel and leather with Gorilla glass screen. All for only £2,500. The materials used create not only a vibrant and attractive finish, but a durable one too. The 4 inch screen is protected by a tempered glass with high shock and scratch resistant Gorilla Glass screen. The Smartphone enjoys twice the thickness of an iPhone 6, at 13.5 mm. On the inside, the phone is…

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