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Archives for Abstract Art

Discover the fascinating world of abstract art limited edition prints

Discover the fascinating world of abstract art limited edition prints. Abstract art that embraces creativity without limitation speaks to the imagination and enjoys the power to capture the essence of one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Art enthusiasts and seasoned collectors may own exclusive museum-quality works of art at an affordable price point. From bold colours to intricate geometric…

How many types of art commissions are available to private clients?

How many types of art commissions are available to private clients? Private clients can choose from an array of fine artists with consideration given to preferred art movements. Together with this, private clients may request art commissions be developed that derive from the disciplines of landscape art, portrait art, street art,  or abstract art. With…

How much to charge clients for art commissions, Latest Sale guidelines

Fine artists who wish to embark on the long journey of developing a portfolio of art commissions may find that their greatest challenge is determining how much to charge their clients. Art commissions may be carried out for private clients or commercial clients, with commercial clients often demanding specific needs are met that will generate…

Latest Sale, Art commissions highlights, Hotel Indigo Kensington

Art commissions carried out at the Hotel Indigo, London Kensington- Earl’s Court as commissioned by Lord Vincent Pountain-Garrington, then General Manager of the hotel, included the All Day In Room Dining Menus carried out by abstract artist Shiroma Ratne. This abstract artist, with the help of the Latest Sale strategic fine art commissions team, infused her engaging, spiritual style into the hotel’s…

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