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Home / Fine Art / “The Grass is always Browner” Marc Andreessen, by Latest Sale

“The Grass is always Browner” Marc Andreessen, by Latest Sale

Whenever you think you have purchased that great product, you almost wish you had stuck to your gut feeling. Abstract art limited edition prints by Ali Jabbar are a sure crowd pleaser. Never one to disappoint, Latest Sale sources enigmatic abstract art limited edition prints that stand the test of time.

Marc Andreessen once said, “The grass is always browner,” and so when sourcing fine art that is truly mesmerising, take Marc’s advice before you look for so-called greener pastures. A Latest Sale firm favourite, abstract art limited edition prints by Ali Jabbar include the captivating Absolute Expansion. Expand your mind with a special abstract art print that holds an enigmatic glow. Just as the adjacent buildings in this painting expand with boundless energy, its timeless, classic nature is limitless, offering you a vast array of rooms to choose from when selecting new habitat for your abstract art print.

Why choose abstract art limited edition prints? Be sure that you and your surroundings retain that exclusive edge; you can trust in the knowledge that these abstract art prints, although accessible are not ubiquitous. A truly inspirational abstract art painting awaits you as it depicts the rulers of all Egyptian dynasties, the Pharaohs. Its motifs will engulf you into a new world of triangles of any composition. The abstract art painting’s infinite expansion suggests growth and natural elegance that resonates continuous deep breaths.

Place this abstract art limited edition print against a bold yellow coloured wall to bring out its incredibly vibrant energy. Embrace your captivating essence with abstract art limited edition prints by Ali Jabbar; taking your home to new levels in interior design.