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Latest Sale motto, Life is all about wanting change Touker Suleyman

“Life is all about wanting change” so says Touker Suleyman who represents the Latest Sale favourite quote of the week. Art commissions should be used to challenge the status quo and enhance interiors of many a luxury home for those who really desire change. But how does one choose the right artist for selected art commissions?

Interior design projects that include art commissions may vary from luxury hotels, luxury property developments or individual homeowners who seek a fresh outlook and style for their homes. A versatile artist who can encapsulate the essence of culture whilst balancing this with artistic prowess is a surefire way of making the right choice. Assessing the artist’s previous work is also a fine way to undertake art commissions in the style that reflects the personality of the client. A client who has a strong desire for abstract art will logically choose an abstract artist for specific of art commissions.

Stylistically Ali Jabbar, abstract artwork is typified by tight edges, mesmerizing thoughts and dialogues with a deep inner understanding of nature, balance and topical subject areas. Ali Jabbar, abstract artwork includes Diversion Moment that takes art collectors through to their unique enclave and thought process. The abstract art painting depicts how by lying on the ground, one is met with surprise as an object or body part is thrown in your direction. This strange object represented by an armchair, provides the envelope, key and solution to an outstretched body.

Diversion Moment further encapsulates the extended space of time reflected by the moment when a body collides with this special object, full of fun and frolics as the protagonist plays with time and space. With this notion, abstract art commissions can be deployed in various enclaves of a luxury home or luxury development project with thought processes and personalities on display in the most creative manner.