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Archives for Gold Plated Earrings

Gold Plated Earrings Have Vintage Charm

Gold plated earrings have vintage charm. The manufacturing technique used to create these stunningly affordable jewellery pieces were perfected in the Victorian Era, and the opulence of this period inspires the modern designers of today. For example, many dangle earrings will include swirling intricate designs, bright gemstones, or large chunky shapes. All of these trends…

The History of Gold Plated Earrings

The history of gold plated earrings is explored by discovering the modern manufacturing techniques of gold plated jewellery that first became widespread in the Victorian Era. The decadence and opulence of this era helped propel gold plated earrings into the mainstream. Gold Plating briefly left the spotlight during the Art Nouveau period, when subdued jewellery…

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