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Archives for Handmade Jewellery

Best in Class Handmade jewellery

Best in class handmade jewellery can manifest itself in various shapes, materials and sizes. Necklaces offer more flexible opportunities to experiment with a wide range of materials from bronze finishings, handmade beaded necklaces or pearl jewellery sets. Inspirational pieces created from precious metals such as 925 sterling silver opens doors to designers and their wearers…

Knowledge is power, handmade jewellery delights the crowd

Knowledge is power, handmade jewellery delights the crowd each and every time. Cultural heritage and historic references offer a compelling difference to women who wish to shine with exciting jewellery accessories. Take inspiration from the Pyramids in the Mayan City of Copán and explore unique styles that capture your imagination. Twist and twirl, enjoy the…

Handmade jewellery for all seasons is a concept

Handmade jewellery for all seasons is a concept personified through a variety of designs from the Destino Jewellery collection. A riveting collection indeed with a blend of both trendsetting and classic styles awaits women who seek jewellery accessories with a difference. For summer evenings, ensure your strapless black top is suitably accompanied with copper earrings…

Is handmade jewellery made from sterling silver?

Is handmade jewellery made form sterling silver? Well that all depends on the collection and the designer. The Destino Jewellery collection incorporates a range of handmade creations such as Murano glass earrings made with precious metals including sterling silver. The copper jewellery range also enjoys precision designs with a touch of sterling silver. Perfect for…

How exciting is handmade jewellery?

How exciting is handmade jewellery? With competing accessory lines including fine jewellery and value based fashion jewellery, price ranges often sit in between depending on whether the jewellery pieces are created using precious metals or alternative metals. Handmade jewellery is highly flexible with casual trends using beaded jewellery or alternative metals with eclectic styles in…

Two ways to keep handmade jewellery in pristine condition

Two ways to keep handmade jewellery in pristine condition include storing them in a protective jewellery box and regularly cleaning them with a non abrasive cloth. Of course, these jewellery maintenance suggestions are not unique and depending on the settings, gemstones or materials used to create your jewellery piece, other jewellery care options may be…

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