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Archives for Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber Jewellery

Dazzle in Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber Jewellery

Dazzle in sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery. The Destino Jewellery sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery collection consists of striking handcrafted amber earrings and brooches. Enjoy the brilliantly bright colours of lime green and yellow amber organic gemstones from the collection. Bring a luxury appearance to your dark evening gown with an elegant amber…

Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber Jewellery; Perfect Summer Accessories

Sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery; perfect summer accessories are explored. Made from 45-million-year-old fossilized tree resin, the amber organic gemstone luminates a brilliant yellow colour, reminiscent of the summer sunshine. When worn outdoors, such as to a fabulous garden picnic, the jewellery will reflect the sun rays and sparkle brightly. Set against durable and…

Coloured Variety of Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Jewellery Explained

The coloured variety of sterling silver Baltic amber jewellery explained. You may have noticed that amber jewellery can come in a variety of colours. This is because it is a naturally occurring and sustainably harvested organic gemstone, made 30-50 million years ago. The chemical composition will produce different shimmering colours.  Sterling silver and Baltic amber…

How Sterling silver baltic amber jewellery cultivates creativity

Latest Sale discovers how sterling silver baltic amber jewellery cultivates creativity by exuding stunning jewellery pieces that reflect beautiful works of art.  Craftspeople from the Baltics have a long-standing reputation for making beautiful works of art using yellow and green Baltic amber and so the Destino Jewellery fine jewellery collection of amber earrings and amber…

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