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Do Art Commissions Include Sculptures or Installation Works?

Do art commissions include sculptures or installation works? When we hear about commissioned pieces, we typically think of classical portraiture, but this is far from the only genre available upon request. Sculptors and installation artists offer an impressive 3-D alternative for those interested in purchasing original art. Sculpture commissions can be extremely varied to suit…

The Health Benefits Associated with Amber Earrings

Latest Sale explores the health benefits associated with amber earrings. This organic gemstone has been used in traditional folk medicines all around the world. The Greek father of medicine Hippocrates created the earliest record. Until the middle ages, his writings on amber were used to treat jaundice, infections, eczema, diseased eyes, and much more. Today,…

The Best Spa Hotel in Amsterdam, Latest Sale Week 18112019

This week, we report on the best spa hotel in Amsterdam from the Business Directory highlighting insights from the Hospitality, Travel, and Leisure category. The Pestana Amsterdam Riverside provides guests with exclusive, high-end, and full-service spa facilities for complete relaxation. The spa also offers massage and body treatments. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the hotel’s…

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