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Archives for December 2014

Latest Sale Week 29122014, The Paris Opera House

Latest Sale continues to bring you highlights from the Luxury Business Directory. This week we cover delights from Cultural Institutions and its Architecture. Situated in l’Avenue de l’Opéra is a vivid example of the architectural prowess of la Belle Epoque baroque. Built in 1875, the Paris Opera House is considered the archetypal opera house. Known also…

Latest Sale Week 22122014, Yalos Diamond TV: World’s Most Expensive TV

Latest Sale continues to report on the most luxurious must have items from our Luxury Business Directory. This week it is from the Multimedia and Digital sector. Forget everything you thought about when looking for a LCD panel as this sums up everything you would need in a beautiful Yalos £83,000 Diamond TV set. The specifications…

Latest Sale Week 08122014, Christie’s Fine Jewellery Auction

@LatestSale, we continue to report on the best finds from the Business Directory. This week Latest Sale focuses on high end jewellery and notably these glamorous red jasper dangle earrings from the Christie’s Online Auction in association with the Financial Times How to Spend it guide. These spectacular Red Jasper, Tourmaline, Andesine and coloured diamond…

What is Fire Steel?

Fire Steel specialises in high quality, reasonably priced, hypoallergenic jewellery designed by a team of product design professionals in the United States. Launched in 2011, the marque is the first premium brand of hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel jewellery to be marketed in the UK. The Fire Steel marque only uses the finest 316L stainless steel…

Latest Sale Week 01122014, Feel Like a Burj Al Arab King for £14,000

Latest Sale continues to bring you our favourite highlights from the Luxury Business Directory, this time from the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure section. Situated in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, a stunning feature of this luxury 5 star hotel features a room that will make anyone feel like a king. For £14,000 a night the…