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Home / Technology / Do Modius Headsets Make You Feel Nauseas? Latest Sale Week 27052019

Do Modius Headsets Make You Feel Nauseas? Latest Sale Week 27052019

This week, Latest Sale asks, “Do Modius headsets make you feel nauseas?” from the Technology Business Directory. Launched in August 2017, Modius headsets use vestibular stimulation to deliver a message to the brain’s hypothalamus, which influences appetite and satiety. The technology promotes weight loss by reducing a person’s appetite and cravings for unhealthy foods. Users have noticed a reduced desire for food within a week, whereas others have noticed a change after a few weeks. According to the company, users can expect to lose weight between six to twelve weeks of using the headset at least five times each week. The company advises people to maintain a healthy exercise routine alongside it.

The rate of weight loss and the side effects experienced will differ from user to user. The side effects include a slight tingling or pricking sensation behind their ears and unsteadiness, which is similar to being on a boat. For people with motion sickness, they may feel nauseas – a queasy, uncomfortable, or agonising feeling – after using it, but it is short-term. If that is the case, they recommend using it at the lowest setting and state that the more users use the device, the more tolerant their body becomes to it.

The technology is based on research examining the effects of cranial stimulation on brain function. Clinical studies have also been performed on the technology used to design the Modius headsets. Users can buy the headsets for £499.00 and rent it for three months, paying £75 for the first month and £50 for the next two months. The renting option is only available for the United Kingdom, but they ship the device to over ten countries with plans to expand their reach. Modius headsets are only available for purchase from their website and come with a 12-month limited warranty.