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Archives for November 2019

Gold Plated Earrings Have Vintage Charm

Gold plated earrings have vintage charm. The manufacturing technique used to create these stunningly affordable jewellery pieces were perfected in the Victorian Era, and the opulence of this period inspires the modern designers of today. For example, many dangle earrings will include swirling intricate designs, bright gemstones, or large chunky shapes. All of these trends…

Amazon’s Cashierless Supermarkets, Latest Sale Week 11112019

This week, we discuss Amazon’s Cashierless Supermarkets for the Technology Business Directory as the ecommerce giant prepares to establish Amazon Go supermarkets without cashiers. The ambitious project utilizes ‘Go Technology’ to provide shoppers with a seamless self-checkout experience. ‘Go Technology’ involves several complex cameras and software that determine what a shopper has purchased and automatically…

Keeping secrets with Murano glass earrings

Keeping secrets with Murano glass earrings continues with the Destino Jewellery handmade jewellery collection. The line is manufactured by embracing the skills developed on the island of Murano for centuries, many skills of which are well kept secrets by the island’s workers and employees. Such secrets have been retained thanks to the island’s historic administration…

Trendy Convertible Urban Dwellings, Latest Sale Week 04112019

This week, the Latest Sale team discusses trendy convertible urban dwellings from the Interior Design Business Directory. Convertible urban dwellings feature beds that close in an upright position, movable walls, and other multipurpose furnishings. These dwellings create an illusion of space by making a small room appear large. Smart, innovative, and multipurpose furnishings can save…

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