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The Best Arched Shaped £950,000 Resort, Latest Sale Week 06072015

Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory, Architecture section (#businessdirectoryarchitecture) and discusses how to enjoy life just like a millionaire in a £950,000 resort. The Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring resort (#sheratonhuzhou) is a 27-storey resort located in Huzhou, China. Built in the shape of a ring, this incredibly complex structure sits above the Tai Lake. The 27-story glass and metal structure consisting of two curved towers soars 300 meters above the ground and is inspired by the circular shape of traditional arch bridges. Its size is so huge that it is not like any other hotel you will have seen. In fact the hotel can be seen from miles away, especially at night. The exterior of the building is surrounded with LED installations and everything…

Latest Sale Week 23032015, $2.4bn, The City of Dreams, Macau, China

Latest Sale continues to report on fabulous finds from the Business Directory, Architecture section. This week we focus on Architecture. The City of Dreams’ Fifth Hotel in Macau, the People’s Republic of China is one of the most stunning and luxurious hotels in the world, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The City of Dreams includes restaurants, bars, theatres, casinos and shopping centres. The building’s pride and joy, the entertainment section spans an area of 42,000 square feet. It’s not just the amenities that make the City of Dreams a grand splendour but also its exhilirating architecture. Zaha Hadid Architects designed this enigmatic 40-storey luxury hotel as a single sculptural element united by an exposed exoskeleton mesh structure. Its simple volume was extruded from the rectangular site as the…

Latest Sale Week 12012015, Marina Bay Sands Resort Architecture £7bn

Latest Sale continues to report on its luxury Business Directory highlights, this week we focus on Architecture. The Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore is the most expensive building ever built to date. This architectural landmark was built with a budget of £7 billion. The Marina Bay Sands Resort enjoys 15.5 hectares of land over 581,000 square metres. The resort’s iconic design make it a popular tourist attraction in Singapore since its inauguration on April 27, 2010. Aside from boasting the world’s largest casino with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines, the Marina Bay Sands resort also enjoys its own hotel with 2,561 rooms, 1,300,000 square feet of convention and exhibition centre space, an 800,000 square foot mall, two theatres, a museum, an ice skating…

Latest Sale Week 29122014, The Paris Opera House

Latest Sale continues to bring you highlights from the Luxury Business Directory. This week we cover delights from Cultural Institutions and its Architecture. Situated in l’Avenue de l’Opéra is a vivid example of the architectural prowess of la Belle Epoque baroque. Built in 1875, the Paris Opera House is considered the archetypal opera house. Known also as The Palais Garnier, this 19th century opera house is one of the most famous opera houses in the world. The opera house was commissioned by Napoleon III and was created by Charles Garnier. The house features a grand staircase made of white Italian marble, the Grand Foyer which is dedicated to allegorical muses decorated with frescoes and mosaics and the famous seven tonne chandelier made of pure bronze and…

Latest Sale Week 27102014, Luxury redefined, $500 million Super Yacht

Latest Sale continues to report on the hottest trends and items for sale as part of our Luxury Business Directory news. This week we report from the Architecture sector. The stunning star-shaped super yacht is valued at a half a $1 billion. The super yacht measures 433 feet long and is almost 200 feet high. Bringing together 21st century design and the best of scientific engineering, the Star super yacht is a prime example of naval architecture at its very best. With the aim of differentiating the Star super yacht from the ubiquitous designs all others, this project has certainly set the industry by storm. Image courtesy of BMG Nigel Gee and Business Insider

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