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US City Using Architecture to Combat Floods, Latest Sale Week 27012020

This week, we discuss the US City Using Architecture to Combat Floods. We report from the Architecture Business Directory and explore the city of Boston in the United States that has seen its share of floods due to its unfortunate proximity to the coastline. The city has collaborated with the SCAPE Landscape Architecture team to protect its coastline against climate change. The scheme involves increasing access and opening the space along the harbour to protect the city from a major flood. The plan will create elevated landscapes, flood resilient buildings, and improved waterfront parks. The city’s mayor aims to create a climate-ready and resilient Boston Harbour.  

London Architecture, Ingenious McGrath Road, Latest Sale Week 02122019

This week, we report from the Architecture Business Directory covering “London Architecture, Ingenious McGrath Road.” Consisting of 26 tower houses, it’s one of East London’s most prized and innovative housing developments. Designed by renowned architect Peter Barker who is well-known for reinventing traditional housing units, his challenge was to rework the back-to-back housing typology made popular in the 19th century due to their affordability. He has successfully re-imagined the architectural design elements of the Victorian era. It features arched entrances, a concealed inner courtyard, private roof terraces in the top floor living room, and individual bathrooms instead of shared bathrooms.   Images courtesy of Peter Barber Architects    

Swiss Alps, the World’s Longest Bridge, Latest Sale Week 07102019

This week the Latest Sale team highlights the Swiss Alps, the world’s longest bridge for the Architecture Business Directory. The pedestrian bridge known as the Charles KuonenHängebrücke or the Europe Bridge crosses a Swiss valley. The thin suspension bridge opened on 29 July 2017, relinking Europaweg, a hiking trail between two towns, which became inaccessible due to a rock avalanche in 2010. The Swiss bridge is 494 metres long and is 84 metres above the valley floor with 64 centimetres wide metal deck. Visitors to Switzerland who choose to spend their holidays at one of the two popular ski resorts, Zermatt or Grächen, can easily access this infamous bridge.   Image courtesy of Dezeen  

Top 5 skills every architect should have Latest Sale Week 12082019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Architecture Business Directory and explores the top 5 skills every architect should have.   Creative skills One of the most important skills an architect needs to have includes creative skills. Not to say that knowing how to draw is not important, but currently even with the usage of technology including CAD (computer aided design) techniques, the ability to draw well is of considerable importance as is conceptual design that requires sketching.   Numerical skills Architects need to be comfortable with numbers as precision is key. Architects will be forever measuring walls and calculating to ensure accurate and stable building design so attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of an architect’s job that is directly…

Pyramid of New York, Via 57 West, Latest Sale Week 17062019

Pyramid of New York, Via 57 West, Latest Sale Week 17062019  This week Latest Sale covers the Pyramid of New York, Via 57 West for the Business Directory. Via 57 West is a stunningly unique 35-storey pyramid-shaped building located at 57th Street in Manhattan, New York. The innovative cutting-edge design elicits admiring glances from astonished onlookers. The building’s distinguishing pyramid design offers a refreshing contrast to the boxy skyline.   Bjarke Ingels Group, the story behind Via 57 West The Bjarke Ingels Group, the architectural force behind the spectacular Via 57 West design, is unremittingly expanding the frontiers of architectural paradigms with pioneering and pragmatic structural design solutions. This spellbinding design has garnered over a dozen awards.   Amenities at Via 57 West With amenities…

Can McMansions regain their popularity? Latest Sale Week 22042019

This week, Latest Sale discusses the downfall of McMansions from the Architecture Business Directory and answers the question, “Can McMansions regain their popularity?” McMansions are nothing short out of a horror movie, aptly coined “McMansion Hell” by an author who reviews McMansions from around the world. These expansive, cheaply built architectural disasters dominated the American real estate market for more than twenty years. Once popular in the 1980s, these large castle-like houses fell out of favour in the early 2000s. These one-hit wonders are present in the United Kingdom as well, but it is safe to assume that architects from both these countries agree that these types of houses are a monstrosity. Maintaining this extra-large house is not an easy task, with only the upper-middle-class…

New York Architecture is 200 West Street, Latest Sale Week 25022019

This week Latest Sale covers Architecture for the Business Directory and highlights the assertion that New York Architecture is 200 West Street. The commercial landscape of New York is punctuated by a medley of impressive styles such as contemporary, Gothic and Art Deco. One of New York’s mesmerizing architectural achievements includes 200 West Street.   200 West Street and Pei Cobb Freed and Partners 200 West Street, which houses Goldman Sachs’ International Headquarters, has been designed by Pei Cobb Freed and Partners, an innovative architectural firm that has won over 200 design awards including the Pritzker Prize and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the New York Society of Architects.   Battery Park City connections and award winning endeavours This ambitious construction project has facilitated the…

The Hands that Hold the Bridge, Architecture Latest Sale Week 31122018

This week Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory highlighting the hands that hold the bridge, architecture from Vietnam. Our team highlights this enigmatic structural infrastructure project in Vietnam, with landscape architecture setting the trend to showcase and accentuate functional infrastructure that has been designed in the most elaborate fashion. A bridge supported by hands exudes an air of sophistication whilst still showcasing its inviting credentials. The curved golden bridge at the Ba Na Hill Mountain Resorts Da Nang in central Vietnam supported by a steel mesh, is constructed from fiberglass and wire mesh. Two cable car stations can now finally be joined in the mountain top resort. Created by TA Landscape Architecture located in Ho Chi Minh, the firm has taken inspiration by the…

One Vanderbilt aims for the skies Latest Sale Week 05112018

This week Latest Sale covers One Vanderbilt aims for the skies for the Architecture Business Directory. The 67-storey tall One Vanderbilt will be 4th tallest building in the city after completion. The design of the $3 billion structure is reminiscent of the ambitions of the Chrysler and Empire State buildings that define the New York skyline. This building aims for the skies with four-tapered volumes rising over 1,400 ft over the horizon ending with a layered crown. With amenities as wide as midtown Manhattan first class dining with renown chef Daniel Boulud and sustainable architecture credentials, the One Vanderbilt project aims to deliver one of the tallest buildings in New York, across from the Grand Central Terminal. This Kohn Pederson Fox Architects masterpiece is due…

Manhattan, commercial Architecture Skylines, Latest Sale Week 10092018

This week Latest Sale covers Manhattan, commercial Architecture Skylines, Latest Sale Week 10092018 for the Business Directory with a focus on the soon to be built Manhattan West.  Manhattan West epitomizes the towering ambitions of the vibrant and bustling financial hub of New York City, USA. This urban marvel, once built will comprise of two commercial towers and two smaller residential buildings adjacent to a 1.5 acre park. At the end of the project’s completion, which has a budget of $4.5 billion, the Manhattan West tower will be the tallest in Manhattan at almost 1,000 feet tall. The multi-use development includes a luxury complex consisting of state-of-the-art office space, retail pop up opportunities, green space, in excess of 800 homes and a 164-room deluxe boutique…

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