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Home / Telecommunications / Internet of Things impact Telecommunications Latest Sale Week 02042018

Internet of Things impact Telecommunications Latest Sale Week 02042018

This week Latest Sale covers Telecommunications trends and explores some of the challenges ahead for the industry in 2018 and beyond. In particular we cover the topic  Internet of Things, impact Telecommunications.

IoT (Internet of Things) facilitates the use of connected devices and addresses the challenges of pulling together millions of data streams. The expectation moving forward is that these billions of connected data streams will require the need for zettabyte network handling. A zettabyte may be measured with storage capacity levels of 2 to the 70th power bytes. The unit byte symbol for digital information of zettabytes is ZB. The global internet traffic level reached the one zettabyte threshold in September 2016.

As well as presenting challenges, the Internet of Things also offers telecommunications companies with many options. With huge levels of data usage from connected devices, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices offer new opportunities for growth for telecommunications companies. Machine-to-Machine devices are defined as enablers for information exchange and the performance of actions without the manual assistance deriving from human actions. Such Machine-to-Machine possibilities include embracing M2M in everyday life, infrastructure projects and for business use.