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Where will 5G devices be used? Latest Sale Week 23072018

This week Latest Sale covers Telecommunications for the Business Directory and addresses the question; where will 5G devices be used? 5G technology refers to wireless technology of the fifth generation. 5G services enable full integration of devices that will be able to cross communicate with key functions carried out by these devices. Functions can range from pressing a button that opens the front door of the house, or speaking to a device that switches on the lights.


What are device form factors?

Form factors define the level of compatillibility between hardware in devices and third party equipment. Form factors are a reflection of the design and functionality of said hardware or computer. Form factors run off a key function or feature.

5G device form factors will be used in numerous locations including twelve phone devices, four hotspots, eight customer premises equipment both indoor and outdoor, five modules, two dongles and adapters and one USB terminal. For device form factors, based on functionality, a key feature could be a voice activated feature on a phone that enables the user to change the temperature on a piece of white goods equipment via verbal insutruction, The form factor offers equipment manufacturers and the devices connected to them with a standard to work towards so that there is clear compatillity between the device’s hardware that enjoys the verbal instruction function and its connectivity with the third party white goods equipment.