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Are Sterling Silver Earrings Valuable?

Are sterling silver earrings valuable? This is a difficult question to answer because the material can vary greatly in quality and its authenticity can only be guaranteed if the jewellery is bought from a reputable source. Buyers can be sure of the authenticity of their earrings by checking that they are stamped with a 925 hallmark. Sterling silver accessories can be quite valuable especially when they incorporate precious gemstones. This number (925) indicates the percentage of pure silver included in each sterling silver piece.

Despite the high value of the sterling silver metal, this does not mean jewellery made from this precious metal is inaccessibly priced. Sterling silver earrings by Desitno Jewellery are reasonably priced, starting from around £50 for simple designs and increasing for more complex styles. Let us not forget however that the beautiful shine and confidence sterling silver earrings exude is virtually priceless.