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Archives for January 2020

Are Copper Earrings Valuable?

Are copper earrings valuable? Copper is known as one of the most important and versatile metals on the market, and is often used to create elegant handmade jewellery pieces. Generally speaking, copper jewellery can be manufactured to fit in with a wide range of styles, from classic designs to statement collections. Vintage copper earrings reflect…

Brighten Your Outfit With Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber Jewellery

Brighten your outfit with sterling silver and Baltic Amber Jewellery from the Destino Jewellery collection. Baltic amber jewellery is always luxurious and represents a chic addition to any outfit. The organic amber gemstone that derives from fossilized tree resin has been prized for its bold colour and natural beauty for thousands of years. Explore and…

Art Commissions: Common Etiquettes

 We explore the features of art commissions: common etiquettes. We suggest that first and foremost prospective clients verify if the artist is currently open for commissions. If not, keep them on your potential artist shortlist for future consideration. Note that not all professional artists have “open/closed” status indicators. Another point of reference is to check…

Bridal Jewellery that Communicates Love and Luck through Its Design

Bridal jewellery that communicates love and luck through its design features two important elements — clover and garnet. The Destino Jewellery four triangles vintage flower garnet earrings’ delicate elements increase their charm each time they are worn. The four triangles resemble a clover known to bring luck to its wearers, whereas the garnet symbolises love…

Italian Couture is Jackie O, Latest Sale Week 20012020

Italian Couture is Jackie O, Latest Sale Week 20012020. This week Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory and highlights Italian couture. Celebrated personalities often seek to wear an eminent Italian designer’s original creation to high profile events. This is evident from history. Jackie O wore a Valentino wedding dress whereas Marilyn Monroe wore shoes…

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