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Home / Jewellery / What are the Properties of Costume Jewellery?

What are the Properties of Costume Jewellery?

What are the properties of costume jewellery? Costume jewellery is typically made with non-precious metals such as brass, bronze, and copper-based materials which has the tendency to bend more easily. However, these materials are also more likely to be used to create handmade jewellery pieces.

More often than not, gold plated and silver plated jewellery reflect costume jewellery that is occasionally set with imitation or semi precious stones. Jewellery made entirely out of textiles or leather as well as metals including gold or silver plating are also referred to as fashion jewellery. Simulated stones can include plastic coloured stones as well as Swarovski crystals. Costume jewellery is affordable which enables jewellery designers to create a wider variety of designs and styles created to accommodate fast fashion trends.