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Home / Fashion / Italian Couture is Jackie O, Latest Sale Week 20012020

Italian Couture is Jackie O, Latest Sale Week 20012020

Italian Couture is Jackie O, Latest Sale Week 20012020. This week Latest Sale reports from the Business Directory and highlights Italian couture. Celebrated personalities often seek to wear an eminent Italian designer’s original creation to high profile events. This is evident from history. Jackie O wore a Valentino wedding dress whereas Marilyn Monroe wore shoes from Ferragamo. Italian designers have dominated the red carpet at events including the Oscars and Cannes for decades.

Italian fashion first became well known in the 11th century, peaking during the European Renaissance period. Fashionable nobles and elites ruled the streets in elegant textiles, shoes, jewellery, and fabrics. The Italian Catherine de’ Medici, who later became the Queen of France, was the primary trendsetter of this time. Italian couture enjoyed a resurgence in the 20th century with many of the most prominent Italian couture houses founded in the 1950’s.

In the future, we predict the trend of Italian couture on the red carpet will only continue. More recent examples include Lupita Nyong’o attending the Oscars 2018 in Armani, and Alicia Keys expected to wear Versace at the 2020, 62nd Annual Grammy Awards taking place on 26th January 2020. All of these celebrities can’t be wrong; Italian couture is the undisputed first in the world for class, elegance, and style.