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Home / Architecture / Top 5 skills every architect should have Latest Sale Week 12082019

Top 5 skills every architect should have Latest Sale Week 12082019

This week Latest Sale reports from the Architecture Business Directory and explores the top 5 skills every architect should have.


Creative skills

One of the most important skills an architect needs to have includes creative skills. Not to say that knowing how to draw is not important, but currently even with the usage of technology including CAD (computer aided design) techniques, the ability to draw well is of considerable importance as is conceptual design that requires sketching.


Numerical skills

Architects need to be comfortable with numbers as precision is key. Architects will be forever measuring walls and calculating to ensure accurate and stable building design so attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of an architect’s job that is directly related to mastering mathematical skills and even geometry.


Leadership skills

As well as having a good overview of a project, it is important that architects also enjoy good leadership and communication skills. Management of staff can range from multi faceted teams within a construction company to varying management layers within the architecture firm or interior design firm.


Legal framework

Understanding legislation and legal framework is also important as designs are based on building regulations that vary country to country. Flair and artistry however important they may be, are likely to be more prevalent in countries where planning permissions and legal framework considerations are less stringent.



Architects need to be equipped with a good understanding of engineering as it is this understanding that assists in the creation of impactful designs. Engineering and other considerations such as sustainable architecture also affect the way an architect will manage a given project according to the environment in which the team is tasked to work in.