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Home / Architecture / Pyramid of New York, Via 57 West, Latest Sale Week 17062019

Pyramid of New York, Via 57 West, Latest Sale Week 17062019

Pyramid of New York, Via 57 West, Latest Sale Week 17062019 

This week Latest Sale covers the Pyramid of New York, Via 57 West for the Business Directory. Via 57 West is a stunningly unique 35-storey pyramid-shaped building located at 57th Street in Manhattan, New York. The innovative cutting-edge design elicits admiring glances from astonished onlookers. The building’s distinguishing pyramid design offers a refreshing contrast to the boxy skyline.


Bjarke Ingels Group, the story behind Via 57 West

The Bjarke Ingels Group, the architectural force behind the spectacular Via 57 West design, is unremittingly expanding the frontiers of architectural paradigms with pioneering and pragmatic structural design solutions. This spellbinding design has garnered over a dozen awards.


Amenities at Via 57 West

With amenities as wide ranging as restaurants and a movie theatre, residents of Via 57 West will not be disappointed. Residents can be fully mesmerized by the Greek inspired restaurant Ousia open for lunch, brunch and dinner seven days a week. The Landmark Theatre houses an eight-screen movie theatre with leather recliner seats and private bar from where cinemagoers can enjoy the Landmark Theatre signature popcorn. For organic food lovers everywhere, the Hudson Market offers a delectable range of locally sourced produce including a New York deli, carvery section, naturally pressed juices and smoothies. With hotel quality valet service and a new housekeeping service soon to be launched, the Via 57 West is sure to keep professionals at the ready.


Images courtesy of Via 57 West