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Home / Architecture / Latest Sale Week 23032015, $2.4bn, The City of Dreams, Macau, China

Latest Sale Week 23032015, $2.4bn, The City of Dreams, Macau, China

Latest Sale continues to report on fabulous finds from the Business Directory, Architecture section. This week we focus on Architecture. The City of Dreams’ Fifth Hotel in Macau, the People’s Republic of China is one of the most stunning and luxurious hotels in the world, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

The City of Dreams includes restaurants, bars, theatres, casinos and shopping centres. The building’s pride and joy, the entertainment section spans an area of 42,000 square feet. It’s not just the amenities that make the City of Dreams a grand splendour but also its exhilirating architecture.

Zaha Hadid Architects designed this enigmatic 40-storey luxury hotel as a single sculptural element united by an exposed exoskeleton mesh structure. Its simple volume was extruded from the rectangular site as the two towers connect at the podium and roof levels using two organically-shaped bridges.

The interior of this façade is celebrated with a 40-metre tall atrium that greets guests and visitors as they enter the hotel.

The exposed exoskeleton reinforces the dynamism of the design. Zaha Hadid Architects define this as an expressive and powerful external structure that  is not just beautiful on the outside, but equally stunning on the inside.

This luxurious complex will be completed by 2017. Once complete, the 150,000 square metre hotel will house a retail strip, atrium, entertainment area, lobby bar, and flexible installation space in addition to the 780 hotel guest rooms, casino rooms, restaurants, VIP areas and a sky pool.

Located along the Coastal Strip in the Coastal reclamation area in Macau, China, the City of Dreams offers an unforgettable entertainment experience for visitors. This 37 story hotel and casino includes 4 towers. The two towers are named as Hyattt Macau and the other two are the Hard Rock Hotel and Crown Towers. The estimated total build cost of the City of Dreams Macau is $2.4 billion.


Images, The Fifth Hotel of City of Dreams Macau