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Home / Art Commissions / How Art Commissions Can Take Inspiration from Household Items

How Art Commissions Can Take Inspiration from Household Items

Did you know that art commissions can take inspiration from household items? Any object you hold in esteem (such as an ornamental flower vase or a sentimental blanket) can be transformed into an abstract art piece in the style of the artist you admire. The item will be artistically memorialized, making for a great conversation piece that will increase the value of your interior design.

There are many artist-influenced styles to choose from when considering a commission piece. One might turn to historical examples, such as Andy Warhol or Vincent Van Gogh, who both regularly made commissioned work. Even a simple dining room chair can take you on an artistic journey through abstraction and expressionism.

For example, a Warhol inspired piece might contain repetitive imagery, bright clashing colours, or stencil work. Imagine a prized family heirloom reimagined in this genius and provocative style. Additionally, a Van Gogh inspired piece might have sketchy lines, vibrant colours, and individualized brush strokes.

As you can see, choosing the artist who inspires the commission is where creativity can truly blossom. The best part about art commissioned work is the freedom to transform common household items into a classically inspired and timeless work of art.


Image: Vincent Van Gogh, Still Life (Nature morte) (1888)