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The History of Art Commissions

From castles to your living room, Latest Sale explores the history of art commissions. Historically, art commissions were exclusive to the rich and noble people of society. Artists were commissioned to create bespoke pieces typically in portrait form, showcasing the subject’s decadent wealth and power. This peaked during the Renaissance Era, as the old masters perfected their skill in the accurate human form. Art commissions could also be religious in nature. For example, the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo was a commissioned project, as well as The Last Supper by Leonardo De Vinci.

In the 20th century, the world of art commissions began to shift. Governments began to commission public pieces from celebrated artists for reasons that differed to their opulent predecessors. In 1937, Pablo Picasso was commissioned by the Spanish Republic Government to create a piece that would honor the victims of a deadly bombing. His famous anti-war painting titled Guernica was the result. Andy Warhol was another artist known to work on art commissions, capturing the essence of fame with his celebrity portraits.

Today, art commissions are accessible to almost anyone. The styles have also broadened, and clients can request landscape art, street art, or abstract art in addition to the classical portrait style. Art commissions can be used to support an artist you enjoy and enhance the beauty of your home.