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Archives for Sustainable Fashion

Intersection of Fashion and Technology Latest Sale Week 12102020

This week Latest Sale reports from the Technology Business Directory and covers the intersection of fashion and technology. More and more intersections of fashion and technology are being introduced every day. One intersection is in material technology. Some brands such as Adidas are finding new ways to produce sustainable products. Adidas partnered with Parley for…

Komodo Ethical, Sustainable Fashion Latest Sale Week 16032020

This week, Latest Sale covers Komodo ethical, sustainable fashion for the Business Directory. Established in 1988, Komodo is an eco-friendly and sustainable clothing company based in North London. The brand has established numerous fair trade policies, ranging from raw product suppliers right up to the sale of finished garments sold in stores. The company is…

British sustainable fashion Beaumont Organic Latest Sale Week 14052018

This week, Latest Sale covers Fashion for the Business Directory with a focus on British sustainable fashion, Beaumont Organic. Affordable and luxurious garments for casual wear are crafted from the softest organic cotton. Designed by Hannah Beaumont, the organic fashion brand Beaumont Organic derives from the designer’s personal desire to consider the effects that cotton…

Is sustainable fashion a niche proposition? Latest Sale Week 19032018

This week Latest Sale covers sustainable fashion for the Business Directory and addresses the question, is sustainable fashion a niche proposition? Eco fashion or sustainable fashion as it is so-called considers the environmental impact of humans in the production of fashion garments. Increasingly, the idea behind supporting sustainability and addressing environmental concerns has entered regular…