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Home / Fashion / Cossac sustains the seasons Latest Sale Week 05082019

Cossac sustains the seasons Latest Sale Week 05082019

This week the Latest Sale team highlights Ethical Fashion for the Business Directory and covers the topic Cossac sustains the seasons.

The Cossac label was created by Agatka Kosak in 2014 and to date her team continues to design the collection in London, UK. The concept of minimalist design is embraced with her creations that use contemporary and ethically produced fabrics. With a classic edge, the Cossac fashion label promises to transcend seasons so that the garments enjoy maximum levels of longevity

Transeasonal design embraces holistic ethical manufacturing that supports fair and safe labour conditions of its manufacturing workforce in accredited ISO and GOTS-certified factories in Europe (Portugal and Turkey). This design focus also ensures the essence of fast fashion, including disposable garments that are often cheap and of low quality are rejected. Due to the negative social and environmental impact of fast fashion, the Cossac label is produced to contribute to the ethical fashion eco system so that women can find their way to making improved purchasing decisions. Cossac prides itself in being eco friendly, organic and of following industry led fair trade principles.

Some of the fabrics that the Cossac label product designers employ include organic cotton, tencel and modal. By selecting these fabrics, the Cossac fashion design team place considerable importance on how each garment is produced and the extent of its impact on the environment, such as how much water and toxic chemicals are used. All fabrics selected for the Cossac label are ethically-sourced, organic or have low environmental impact.


Images courtesy of Cossac