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MUD Jeans Sustainability, Latest Sale Week 29102018

This week Latest Sale covers MUD Jeans Sustainability, Latest Sale Week 29102018 for the Fashion Business Directory. This is Part I of our series on MUD Jeans and their ethical credentials. The MUD Jeans brand aims to revolutionize the way denim jeans are manufactured via eco friendly mechanisms.


Reducing energy consumption to create cotton

Due to the intense levels of cotton and water used in the traditional manufacturing process for jeans, MUD Jeans aims to assist shoppers to change the way they shop for jeans. The brand puts sustainability at the heart of its business ethos and the company’s business model is built upon a circular economy. The MUD Jeans sustainability ethos is centred on recycling used jeans and then producing newly designed jeans from existing materials. This helps to reduce waste and enforces the protection of the environment.


What is a circular economy?

A circular economy can be described as a regeneration infrastructure mechanism in which waste, emission and energy leakage is greatly reduced. This is assured by greatly minimising the loopholes in energy and material wastage thanks to the retention of natural resources for as long as possible. This is carried out thanks to the deployment of long-lasting design, and repair or reuse manufacturing principles. Included in this energy consumption saving mechanisms by MUD Jeans are recycling (shredded jeans cut into pieces and then blended with virgin cotton) and upcycling, (facilitating the creation of unique vintage jeans).

The circular economy works in the opposite way to a linear economy as it aims to extract the maximum use out of materials whereas the linear economy makes, uses and then disposes of these resources or materials. It is the circular economy dynamic that is supported by the MUD Jeans brand whose ethos is to regenerate natural resources by retaining the use of materials, thus reducing pollution and toxic waste that have a negative impact on the environment. For this reason MUD Jeans accessories such as belts do not use leather labels but rather more sustainable recycled or printed fabrics.